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TAKE THAT! – UK’s Top Boy Band of the 90’s are Back For Good

The Big Reunion relived my love for boy and girl bands. I am proud to say that I grew up in an era where pop music dominated the charts and most artists wrote their own material. For some reason, I prefer British acts over the American ones. I wrote a number of posts on how the Spice Girls inspired me to do better as a child and how the music of various artist mold me into an imaginative person like me today.

The Boys of Take That - A Happy Ending

The Boys of Take That – A Happy Ending

One of the Boy Bands who dominated the charts in the early 90’s is Take That. When you do the math, I was just five years old when the five boys from Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent made girls and gays giggle with their charisma. Honestly, I had a big crush on Robbie Williams when he emerged as a solo artist in the late 90’s. The MTV Asia addict that I am, I often catch the videos of Take That through MTV Classic. If the USA have the New Kids On The Block, UK is definitely proud of Take That!

The story of Take That is passable for a telenovela series. An ambitious manager named Nigel Martin-Smith held auditions for the next important boy band. He met Gary Barlow while he’s performing in a local pub. He is amazed with his songwriting and his vocal abilities. He then figured out that this talented fella may not be able to make it as a successful solo artist. The audition for the remaining Take That members was launched

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