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CONTEST ALERT! Share Your DiscOVIries : Food/Dining Places

Mabuhay! I have some good news to share to my readers who loves to take pictures and share their latest discoveries!

I have here five Ayala electronic gift certificates to give away! Each eGC is worth Php 1000 and the contest starts today until March 2010! Hmmm… not bad for a shopping treat, huh? 🙂


All you have to do is to share to us your “Must-Try Discoviries for 2010“. There is a theme assigned for every week, which makes things more exciting 🙂

As a start-up, the theme for Week 1 is Must-try food/dining places. Don’t you just love to go out with your family and friends and eat somewhere? Share to us your latest food/dining place discOVIry!


Here’s a sample entry:

Power House Burger from Kilimanjaro Cafe

E-Mail Subject: Food/Dining Discovery at Kilimanjaro Cafe, Plantation Bay

If you get the chance to visit Plantation Bay Resort and Spa at Mactan, Cebu, Don’t forget to check out Kilimanjaro Cafe’s Power House Burger.  It is so far the best that I’ve tasted. Also try their Seafood Pansit Canton.


To join, register for a free Ovi account at and use your new Ovi email account to send your name, mobile number, and your Must-Try Discoviry to

These weekly contests will be from Thursday to Wednesday, and I’ll be announcing winners Fridays of every following week. Each weekly winner will receive a Php 1,000 Ayala eGC!

This contest is sponsored by Nokia Ovi.

BebeCaiz’ Pinkish Birthday

Cai and Mica at the set of Kuya Bunso

Cai and Mica at the set of Kuya Bunso

Today, one of my bestest blogger friend is turning twenty two years old. She is pretty, smart, talented and not your ordinary girl. And yeah, she is in love with Pink.

I met Cai for the first time at the iBlog3. We instantly became good friends after knowing that we are both bloggers. We would regularly chat about our college projects and online rakets through YM since I was based in Dagupan City. When I finally transfered here in Manila to embark a career and explore the blogosphere, we became closer. I later on found out that we are both into film making and creative writing. She had done three short films already!

Want to know more facts about Cai Abbass? Read on!

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Taympers Muna!

A lot of exciting stuff happened to me the past few weeks. I met Anne Curtis at the HBC Baranggay Makeover event, I learned more about the benefits of Malunggay, I’ve seen the indie film Dose (which is not really as disturbing as we expected it to be), my father’s 5th year death anniversary, bought a ceramic piggy bank, ate talangkanin at Kaya Restaurant with the grannies, new assignments at work, attended the kadakwento premiere, discovered a very nice japanese restaurant near my place, went out with old friends, recorded boredom videos at Facebook, attended the Cinemalaya Cinco premiere and invested on a worthwhile project out of my earnings. Whew!

As much as I would like to blog about everything, I can’t do it for now (but I will – just give me enough time teehee). I am looking forward to the weekend because I’m about to pursue another passion of mine and that is filmmaking 🙂

I need a break just like the little kids who play pinoy games such as ‘Patintero’ or ‘Langit-Lupa’, TAYMPERS MUNA!

For the mean time, why don’t you vote for your Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009? Please do check out Batang Lakwatsero , Singing Blogger, Adaphobic , Let’s Go Sago , Thirsty Blogger and of course, Patay Gutom! Thanks again 🙂