Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2010 Day One

Two weeks ago, a number of Manila, General Santos, CDO and Davao-based bloggers met up and united for the yearly Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT). I wanted to join last year, but I wasn’t able to make it in the final list. No regrets though because I had a very, very, very fun DFAT experience this year!

Mica, Cai and Ada Plurking in Davao City! Weee!

Mica, Cai and Ada Plurking in Davao City! Weee!

It is my second time to go to Davao City. Last April 30, Ada, Cai and I met up to take the earliest flight to bound for Davao via ZestAir. We arrived in the Davao International Airport at 6AM and we went straight to Viajeros Inn for our early breakfast. Our sleepyheads went to our temporary room after eating 😛

Beb Drew picked us up at around 2PM (am I right? still sleepy zzzz) and we went straight to Mam Bebs to meet up with the people behind Avatar Media and the rest of participants. I saw familiar faces and the new ones too. Majority of the participants this year are in their early and late 20’s. I think that is enough for me to explain why we were able to accomplish a lot of things during that weekend 😛

Ria Jose briefing the participants on the activities

Ria Jose briefing the participants on the activities

Ate Ria, the president of the Davao Bloggers gave a brief background about DFAT and Avatar Media. She mentioned the restaurants and coffee shops that we’ll visit and some of the activities that we’ll be able to try. Since DFAT is all about eating, Mam Bebs prepared some merienda treats like Potato Rolls, Mango Squares, Siopao and Pansit Luglug.

The ever delicious Pansit Luglug from Mam Bebs :)

The ever delicious Pansit Luglug from Mam Bebs 🙂

The Pansit Luglug from Mam Bebs is special because they added bangus as one of the ingredients (not the whole bangus, ok? LOL). Special thanks to my Beb Drew hehe. I missed the Mam Bebs Mami though 😛

Rolling at Davao Zorb Park

Rolling at Davao Zorb Park

After our merienda, we managed to talk and discuss about random things. Later on, the Avatar Media people said that we’ll be able to try the Zorbs thingy for free. Honestly, I don’t have any idea about it, but I said yes 😛

So we went to the Davao Zorb Park. There’s this giant blue ball. In short, we will roll on the floor literally like a hamster. Big Boy Winston is my partner for the activity. We got scared when the zorbs man told us that we shouldn’t close our eyes. We ended up screaming…. for fun 😛

Here’s a video of Me and Winston at the Davao Zorb Park:

Ok, that video is boring 😐 Try to watch Ada and Cai’s video here hehehe 😛

After rolling while screaming, the group went to Kangaroo Cafe. It’s my third  time in the said coffee shop and I really like the atmosphere inside. Nakaka-relax 🙂

DFAT Participants at Pablo's Steak and Crabs

DFAT Participants at Pablo's Steak and Crabs

We had  dinner at Pablo’s Steak and Crabs. I’ve heard about the restaurant from my Davao-based friends and all of them shared how delicious the food there is.

And I agree with them! Some of the dishes that we tried include the following: Mussels Chowder, Insalata del Sol, Pablo’s Ceasar Salad, Sausage Platter of Hungarian, Frankfurter, and Beef Banger, Basil and Mint Pesto with Chili Fish, Shrimp in Garlic and Olive Oil, Chicken in Balsamic Barbeque Sauce, Boneless Chicken Steak, Grilled Maple and Mustard Barbeque Pork Chops with Honey Cinnamon Glazed Apples, Country Style Pork Chops, Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken, Mushroon and Asparagus Beef Roll, and Pablo’s Pepper Steak. Whew. That’s a lot!

DFAT Foodies at San Rafael Fine Coffee

DFAT Foodies at San Rafael Fine Coffee

After our very full meal, we went straight to Jose Rafael Fine Coffee. We stayed there for more than two hours drinking our choice of coffee. I love the interior of the coffee shop. I wouldn’t even mind sleeping there!

So that wraps up my first post for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour. I will be writing separate entries on Mam Bebs, Davao Zorb Park, Kangaroo, Jose Rafael Fine Coffee and Pablo’s Steak and Crabs at Senyorita.net. 😛

Thanks to Beb Drew for the last two pictures 😛


Owner: Joseph Andrew dela Serna
Price Range: Hot Meals – P30 to P80, Pastries – P300 – P600
Location: CVA Building, CM Recto Street, Davao City
Contact Numbers: +6382-22718131, +6382-3018691

Owner: Mr. Sonny Dizon
Services: Zorb Ride
Price: P200
Location: Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City

PABLO’S Steaks and Crabs
Owner: Sunglao Family of Gen Santos City
Price Range: P250 – P2000 (Premium Steaks)
Location: Metro Lifestyle Complex, Jacinto cor. F. Torres, Davao City
Contact Number:+6382-222-0793
Email Ad: pablos.davao@yahoo.com

Owner: Dennis Montecillo
Price Range: P80 – P200
Locations: Door 2, Phase 1 Insular Village, Lanang, Davao City (Next to China Bank); Buhangin Branch
Petron Complex, Airport View, Diversion Road, Davao City
Contact Numbers: +6382-3055698 and +6382-2351647


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  1. Ada

    HAHAHAHA!! “Ok, that video is boring Try to watch Ada and Cai’s video here hehehe” LOL!! Now ko lang nakita video niyo wins. at sinu may sabing boring, I sooooo lurve big boy there noh.

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Cai – Oo nga angkyut! Hindi halatang mga puyat hehe excited kasi 😛

    @Ria Jose- Big Boy inside a big ball! (waiting for him to react LOL)

    @Ada – Hahaha para kasing mga batang na-trap sa katawan ng mga twenty three years old LOL

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