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Dolphins — A Tablas Island Attraction

Dolphins are fascinating creatures. They’re mammals in fish form. If you’ve watched movies like Flipper, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, among other Hollywood films that feature the beloved dolphin, you’ve probably developed a delight and fascination for these marine mammals by now. Dolphins are intelligent, playful, they love being around and interacting with humans, and they also look adorable.

Thus, whenever dolphins are sighted, kids and adults alike are always delighted by their presence. Dolphins always bring a certain feeling of happiness, and their playfulness is always contagious.

If you want to see dolphins up close, you may find that you’d need to visit a ocean theme park. But if you want to see one, even a pack of them, in the wild, you may find that you can bump into them in most waters of the Philippines.

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OREO Get Dunked Activation!

Last month, I shared the link to, where OREO addicts (like me!) can basically claim their free cookies via their selected 7-11 store nationwide. I also introduced some of the cool games that kids and adults can play online through the website.


The OREO Get Dunked Activation will be in different malls in the coming weeks. It is specially designed for parent-kid tandems where they can bond together thru the a Velcro Wall! Here’s the official list of Dates and Venues for your reference:

SM Megamall (August 29)
Trinoma (September 12)
Market! Market! (September 26)
Festival Mall (October 3)

There’s a number of bonding activities that every parent-kid tandem can enjoy depending on their interest. There’s the OREO Face Painting Booth, OREO Find the Word Game Booth and the OREO Sticky Darts Booth.

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Reminiscing Our First Trip to Puerto Princesa

Four months ago, Ada, Jenny and I went to Puerto Princesa, Palawan for a 4D/3N vacation. We booked the flight as early as November 2009 because we wanted to take advantage of the promo. Maire booked too, but her work schedule didn’t permit her to go 🙁

Golden Island Senyorita Life in a Duyan

Golden Island Senyorita Life in a Duyan

So the three of us went there without concrete plans at all. I can say that among my trips, this is the first time ever wherein we only booked for a hotel room hours before our flight, we didn’t have any itinerary (all we know is that the Underground River is located there LOL!) and we simply want it to be spontaneous. No plans, no whatevers.

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