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Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 5: Alaska, Roxxxy or Jinkx?

The Big Reveal! Alaska, Roxxxy Andrews and Jinkx Monsoon are the three queens competing for the title ‘America’s Next Drag Superstar’ in Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 5.

Who will be America's Next Drag Superstar? Alaska, Roxxxy or Jinkx?

Who will be America’s Next Drag Superstar? Alaska, Roxxxy or Jinkx?

When the show started, I was rooting for Detox and Ivy Winters. I liked Detox because of her previous collaborations with Willam Belli. I’ve seen some of her performances via YouTube and it is obvious that she is quite a well-rounded performer. Maybe that is the reason why I expected much from her. I got curious about Ivy Winters because Manila Luzon kept on promoting her – she even revealed that Ivy is responsible for her outfits in the Best XXXcessory video. Dress me up, please?

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The Big Reunion: Atomic Kitten, B*Witched and Honeyz

The Spice Girls were a big influence to me. The ‘Girl Power’ tagline truly helped me in my most difficult times growing up. I would listen to their records whenever I am down. Because of my fandom, I even learned how to use the computer, surf the internet, make html websites and many, many more! In short, the Spice Girls were the ones to thank (or blame) on why you’re reading this blog now.

B*Witched, Atomic Kitten and Honeyz

B*Witched, Atomic Kitten and Honeyz

Dubbed as ‘the biggest girl band in the world’, the Spice Girls also influenced a lot of popstar wannabes to form a band and try their luck in the music industry. Britain produced a lot of pop bands. Some of my favorites include Atomic Kitten, B*Witched and Honeyz. The Spice Girls didn’t really last that long as a group (unless you include their ‘Touch’ days). It must be really tough to be in a girl band. Instant success might also result to instant downfall when not handled properly.

ITV2, a British network recently produced a documentary on six former popbands namely 5ive, Liberty X, 911, Atomic Kitten, B*Witched and Honeyz. As of writing, the show aired three episodes already and I would like to reminisce my love for these pop royalties. Let’s focus on the girls first!

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Random Thoughts on Rupaul’s All Stars Drag Race

GAME OVER! The first winner of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race was revealed yesterday. Chad Michaels, the first runner-up in Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 4 won the crown giving Raven, Shannel and Jujubee ‘The Chop‘.

The Queens of Rupaul’s All Stars Drag Race


I can say that I am a ‘new fan’ of Rupaul’s Drag Race. My interest on the show started when Manila Luzon released ‘Hot Couture’. The show gave her the exposure she deserves and although she ended up as runner-up to fellow Heather and Gaysian Raja, you cannot deny the fact that her fanbase is huge and she got what it takes to last long in the biz.

“See, this is how you do drag!” Manila Luzon as Cruella de Vil

Sahara Davenport, Manila Luzon’s boyfriend/girlfriend for six years passed away last October and I can imagine how tough that month is for her. Rupaul’s All Stars Drag Race was shot months ago, but the contestants are expected to promote the show around the US. Thanks to Manila’s strong family support, she was able to surpass the challenges coming her way.

I was intrigued upon watching the ‘Meet the Cast’ clips for the All Stars season. The returning beauties are all fierce and have different personalities. Some of them were loved (and hated) on the season they were in, and this serves as their ‘second chance’ to prove that they have what it takes to be America’s Next Drag Superstar.

Some of the fans of the show were surprised with the twist: The queens will compete in teams of two! America’s Next Drag Superstar needs to have Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. This time, Synergy is added.

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