Top 12 Lip Sync Battle Philippines Season 1 Performances

LIP SYNC BATTLE PHILIPPINES is currently on their second season. As a fan of the show, I witnessed some underwhelming performances. On the other hand, there are devoted participants who took an effort in rehearsing and memorizing their songs.

Lovi Poe and Solenn Heussaff in Lip Sync Battle Philippines

Lovi Poe and Solenn Heussaff in Lip Sync Battle Philippines

I am now sharing my Top 12 Lip Sync Battle Philippines Performances from Season 1. I based my choice on lip sync skills, shock value and dedication to make the viewers happy. Do you agree with my list? Read on!

12. Winwyn Marquez performs Anaconda (Nicki Minaj)

Winwyn Marquez is a good dancer and I was hoping she’d do an Anaconda number due to her resemblance with Nicki Minaj. She was good here and her lipsync may not be as flawless, but I can say it was entertaining. Mas bongga lang talaga si Mark this time πŸ˜›

11. Heart Evangelista performs Vogue (Madonna)

Heart Evangelista is known for her patweetums image, but she’s unleashed her naughty side with her performance of Madonna’s iconic song ‘Vogue’. With the special participation of real drag queens, Heart just confirmed that she is a reluctant virginal drag queen trapped in a woman’s body. Pak!

10. Jerald Napoles performs Let’s Get Loud (Jennifer Lopez)

He was pitted against Pambansang Bae Alden Richards that’s why he lost, but let’s be honest – Jerald’s JLO number is way better and entertaining! ‘Di bale Mars, kaw bet namin.

9. Carla Abellana performs Firework (Katy Perry)

Carla Abellana is a true Katy Perry fan. At first look, you might really think she’s the real deal!

Her genuine performance will truly make Katy Perry proud. Tag her!

8. Kristopher Martin and Joyce Ching performs Bang Bang (Ariana Grande and Jessie J)

Joyce Ching was believable as Jessie J (except in the height department loljk) and Kristopher Martin, who is being groomed by GMA-7 as one of their next prime leading men showed sportsmanship when he did an Ariana Grande. Ganda mo, teh!

7. Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali performs Boom Boom Pow (Black Eyed Peas)

Just when I thought KrisJoy would win, he BiGuel tandem exceeded the expectations of the viewers with their killer dance moves and flawless lip sync of the rap parts. It’s too energetic and Rochelle Pangilinan’s surprise appearance made it more ‘bombastic’.

6. Rafael Rosell performs Single Ladies (Beyonce)

Rafael Rosell first came out of the show as ‘Sporty Spice’ in Tom Rodriguez’ Spice Girls number. I already knew Rafael will look good in drag, but I have to say her Beyonce is much more better compared to Jay R’s in YFSF hehe πŸ˜€

5. Lovi Poe performs I’m a Slave for You (Britney Spears)

Although I prefer her warm up number, there’s no doubt that Lovi Poe’s sensual and buwis-buhay sa bamboo performance as Britney Spears is also good! This number shows she is a true Britney Spears fan. Get it, get it?

4. Rhian Ramos performs Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)

Rhian Ramos is one of GMA-7’s leading ladies who is a drag queen at heart. I was guessing she’ll do a Taylor Swift-inspired number, but I’m more glad when she came out with a gothic yet campy lip sync of the Karaoke favorite “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. She should’ve won!

3. Mark Herras performs Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler

We all know that Mark Herras is the ‘Bad Boy ng Dancefloor’ of GMA-7 and he is Starstruck’s first ultimate survivor, but I didn’t expect he’ll pick an iconic 80’s song. I know he might pick a female character, but I was expecting something modern. And that Flashdance-inspired scene? Bongga! I have a feeling this performance caused GMA-7 to think and give him a comedy show. Conan The Magician will be shown soon! You already!

2. Tom Rodriguez performs Wannabe (Spice Girls – Scary Spice)

Fans of the TOMDEN tandem were happy when they found out the two are reuniting not as lovers, but as competitors in the first episode of Lip Sync Battle Philippines. Tom Rodriguez rocked this Spice Girls-inspired number and I literally freaked out when he came out with a Scary Spice outfit! He can really pass as a drag queen with the way he lipsycs and his kembot moves? Panalo! Thank you Carla Abellana for suggesting this number to Tom!

1. Dennis Trillo performs Chandelier (Sia)

Dennis Trillo proves that he is not only GMA-7’s best drama actor – he is the best onstage performer too!

Watching him perform this quirky Sia hit made the audience expect more from the upcoming lipsyncers. What I like about Dennis is that he made sure that the program tapped the right tandem to open this popular franchise.

So there’s my Top 12 Lip Sync Battle Philippines performances! Can I be honest? My real number 1 is not on the list. I was thinking of making a separate list for the warm-up rounds, but GMA didn’t upload all the videos. Here’s my REAL number one – Lovi Poe’s The Ordertaker!

Are you watching Lip Sync Battle Philippines? Who would you like to see perform for the second season? Share your Top 5 performances!


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