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Best Casinos in Asia

Vacationers the world over are looking for exotic experiences around the world, and of course, on their travels they wish to gamble as any reasonable person would. In search of the best prices around the one, many a wanderers usually find themselves stumbling upon shores somewhere in the vast continent of Asia. Beautiful locales, plenty of tourist attractions, and yes, casinos aplenty.


With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few places to get your gambling fix in Asia.


One of the world’s best places to gamble with hands off legislation that allows for this Asian tiger to thrive as a mecca for casinos, Singapore has it all. For a nice tropical climate, great cuisine, beaches nearby, a thriving tech economy for you digital nomads out there, and thriving casinos. Specifically, places like Marina Bay Sands Resort illuminates the Asian skyline. It’s a beautiful sight to behold from the street, to be sure.

Another resort is the Resorts World Sentosa on the neighbouring island of the same name. Finally, be sure to check out the Universal Studios theme park, which in addition to being an amusement park that is fun for the whole family, boasts a casino to boot.


The Asian Mecca of gambling, the Las Vegas of the South Eastern Peninsula, this place is renowned for its gambling for good reason. The ‘Monte Carlo of the Orient’ as it is known has even overtaken Las Vegas by some estimates in terms of revenue, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. This highly developed former Portuguese colony sports everything from Texas Hold ‘Em to Roulette, as one would expect, in places like the Casino Lisboa, the Grand Lisboa, and the original Stanley Ho hotel.

A nightlife monument that might stand as a wonder of the world all on its own also includes the Galaxy Macau, sporting its own private beach in addition to a grand total of five outdoor swimming pools. You will not be lacking for swimming options here! With over 30 casinos to choose from in this tropical haven, gamblers will not leave disappointed.

South Korea

Although renowned for its growing high tech sector on a global scale, South Korea does have a thriving casino industry. The only downside for citizens of the country is that they themselves are not allowed to enter these establishments, so they have to rely on online options like here, but that will not stop the rest of us from frequenting gambling institutions in the country, will it?

Both around the sprawling, thriving capital of Seoul and on the island of Jeju-do, you will find offerings such as Paradise Casino Walker Hill, Korea’s largest casino overlooking the Han river and featuring accommodating facilities the likes of which foreigners have been enjoying for decades. The island houses some eight casinos if the biggest and brightest is not your cup of tea. In addition to the glorious natural surroundings, you will have plenty of choices for gambling there.


Cebu City: My Comfort Zone

Ayala Terraces Cebu at Night

Ayala Terraces Cebu at Night – The Only Tourist Photo I took

“I’m sure ilalagay mo sa blog mo na this is your pang-ilang chorva trip to Cebu sa Micamyx!” Sinjin said in jest as we watch Vhong Navarro’s controversial Buzz ng Bayan Interview.

Well, Sinjin’s right. This trip counts as my nth time in Cebu City. In the past five years, I’ve visited Cebu countless times. I’ve lost count!

Why did I visit Cebu this time? I don’t really know. Do I need a reason?

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Holidaying in style over the festive season

Sometimes it’s good to get away from it all over Christmas. By taking a well-earned vacation over the festive season, you can re-charge your batteries and prepare yourself for the new year ahead. If you’re planning a vacation on or around December 25th but haven’t decided where to go yet, here are some options, both close to home and further afield…

Ice bar

The traditional winter break

For the ultimate in Santa holidays, it has to be a trip to frosty Lapland. This icy wilderness lies hundreds of kilometers above the Arctic Circle and is the perfect place to spend a traditional winter break. It may sound like a fantasy, but for those who live below the Equator, it’s essential to spend at least one Christmas in the snow! And if you’re lucky, you’ll also get to witness the eerie majesty of the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights. This celestial light show is unlike anything else.

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