Hotels vs. Hostels: Which One Is Best For You?

The usual dilemma for travelers is finding a good place to stay during their trip. In most cases, tourists who are on Grand Cayman excursions want to get a comfortable yet affordable accommodation service to suit their needs and budget. Plus, the cabin should be walking distance from the places they want to visit for more convenience.

View of Manila from Diamond Hotel

View of Manila from Diamond Hotel

However, looking for accommodation comes with various options as well as types to choose from, making it even harder to decide. So which one is really best for you, a hotel or hostel?


Hostels are dorm-like facilities usually offered to tourists who want convenient accommodation for their travels. These are very popular lodging types in Asia. So before you consider a hostel for your next trip, be sure to keep the following insights in mind:

  • Hostels are low-budget type of accommodation wherein you will share rooms with other travelers. Basically, when you book at a hostel, you are booking the bed for a night, and not the entire room. It’s like bed spacing actually.
  • The service is dorm-style which means that you will share common bathroom with several sinks and shower stalls. Since this is a cheaper option, personal service or privacy is not provided here.
  • The pros include cheap rate, trip by group, convenient location in major cities worldwide, fully-equipped kitchens, some offer free breakfast, meet new people with various nationalities, security, and many more!
  • The tip when choosing a hostel is to read reviews, book the best hostel, choose the ideal room, and bring flip-flops and toiletries. If you’re traveling solo in expensive cities like Japan, hostels in Tokyo are good alternatives. You will find interesting concept hostels too!


Hotels nowadays are competitively priced due to plethora of choices available online. Staying in a hotel is a good choice especially if you want to take a trip to a more popular city. But unlike hostels, suites offered by hotels are relatively more expensive with additional charges to pay for parking, breakfast, and Wi-Fi.

Consider below tips before you decide which hotel you will stay in throughout your trip abroad:

  • When you choose to stay in a hotel, you will enjoy a nice room with large bed, private bathroom, desk, and wider storage spaces. Depending on the suite you’ve booked, you can even get a room with complete amenities including a TV set. You can find great hotel deals at Genting Promotion.
  • You have the room all to yourself. Once you close the door after a long day of touring around the city, you can do whatever you want inside the suite. Privacy is the main advantage of hotels form hostels.
  • However, there are cons when you decide to stay in a hotel for your travel accommodation. If you are a budget traveler, this can be a very expensive option for you. In addition, there are extra fees in every additional service you take such as breakfast, internet connection, and so on. Quite weird, right?

So before you make any final decisions, be sure to read testimonials and reviews for the best choice. Also, research about the hotel you plan to stay in like the best luxury hotels in Manila. Check out the current offers and guest feedbacks as well.


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