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A Non-Vegetarian’s Childhood Veggie Story

“Ang KALABASA ang gulay na pampalinaw ng mata.”

I remember how my Science teacher way back in Grade 1 discussed the importance of eating vegetables. Unlike most kids (and adults), I was not forced by my parents to eat veggies. My parents see to it that we have meat and vegetables on our dining table for lunch and dinner.

Last Tuesday, a number of food bloggers were invited in Erik Matti’s FWORD Resto. Winston and I were surprised with the Pakbet Soup. I told him that I was addicted to SQUASH (Kalabasa) way back in elementary. I found out that he is a Kalabasa lover too for the same reason. We both promised to write a blog entry about it.

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Elation Buffet Launch – A Night of Chocolates and Shooters

After eating dinner with the usual Plurkfiesta suspects at Glorietta and eating Maki in Trinoma, Jehz and I went straight to Grand Terrace, Commonwealth for the Elation Buffet Launch. We arrived at around 11pm and we were a bit surprised with what we saw (in a good way, of course!). Benj was kind enough to warn us about the crowd (the party place was dominated by youngsters – alam niyo na yun LOL).

Thank God we saw familiar faces like Hannah, Shari, Coy, Fritz, Robby, Gwen, Tiffy, Helga and Jeff.

I went straight to the Chocolate Fondue then some  bloggers invited me on the dance floor 😀

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