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Lessons Learned from Drag Queens

‘WHAT?! You have a big crush on a drag queen? That’s the weirdest statement I’ve ever heard in years!”

If a female friend of mine confessed her addiction on drag queens years ago, I’ll instantly give her a strange look. Do you have a serious problem in life that you don’t want me to know yet you can’t handle it? Tell me and I’ll listen. Let’s talk about boy bands instead.

Gurl, I ain't crazy! I Just love Manila Luzon and Elmo the Puppet | Photo by Mark Liddell

Gurl, I ain’t crazy! I Just love Manila Luzon and Elmo the Puppet | Photo by Mark Liddell

But no. Actually, my love for drag queens started when I discovered LOGOTV’s Rupaul’s Drag Race. They’re currently airing the 5th season in the US of A and I’m proud to say that a lot of Filipino drag queens made it to the show. The fun part there is they look so pretty with the make-up and glamorous clothes, yet they look equally hot when out of drag. My Top Three favorite queens from all five seasons include Manila Luzon, Willam Belli and Ivy Winters.

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SOLO Larry Alcala Collection & Model Search

Just like any other ordinary young kid, I am fond of reading comic strips whether that is found in a newspaper, magazine and specialized comics compilation books. It served as my dose of entertainment especially when we visit some of our relatives in the province. There was even a time wherein my father read the main parts of the broadsheet while I automatically get the entertainment part just to read the comic strips 😛

Larry Alcala2

Wear Larry Alcala inspired clothes and win in Solo’s Online Model Search contest

Even in school, some of my classmates even cut these comic strips and paste it in a used notebook and it served as a part of our collection (those days!). We couldn’t afford to buy our very own Archie, Jughead or Betty & Veronica comic digests so we ended up making one through the old newspaper clipping. We also supported Filipino comic strips and one of the most distinctive one are the works of Larry Alcala.

Good news to Larry Alcala Fans! SOLO, one of the most promising fashion brands in the country today recently launched the Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia collection featuring the works of great Larry Alcala and its Online Model Search Contest, which was officially last August 22.

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WOMEN TO WATCH: Urban Time’s New Brand Ambassadors

Five pretty ladies from different universities were chosen as Urban Time’s Newest Brand Ambassadors last March 25 at SM City North Edsa Annex.

Urban Time

The casting of votes for the Ambassadors of Urban Time started sometime in February and ended just last March 22. Among the judges of the competition were Fashion and Lifestyle blogger AJ Matela, Fashion stylist Rachelle So and the Marketing Manager of Urban Time, Limfred Yap.

So who are the lucky and deserving ladies?

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