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In Loving Memory of AJ Matela

BAKLA AKO, MAY REKLAMO?! I remember the first time I browsed his website baklaako.com when I was still based in Dagupan City. He is considered as one of the real influential bloggers in the Philippine Blogosphere and he somewhat inspired a lot of people (men and women) to come out of the closet. He blogs about his interests and at the same time, write heartwarming stories about his own experiences and he actively participates in activities supporting the LGBT community.

AJ Matela and blogger friends

I met him for the first time at the iBlog4. Cai, Maki and I had a crush on him and secretly wished that he was straight LOL. Later on, we would bump into each other in blog events and Plurkfiestas. He supported me too in some events I organized for the company I used to work with. He is a certified head turner as people would take a glance as he enters the room. He is also a fashionista and he carries his clothes with style.

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