6 songs that remind me of summer!

Summer means beach, holiday and good times with friends in Clearwater, where the sun brightens our days and the Gulf waters cool our nights. In this season of joy, there’s a quiet but essential service working in the background – the fire watch services in Clearwater. They’re the ones ensuring that our good times remain safe, that the heat doesn’t turn into a fire hazard, and that our properties are protected while we soak up the sunshine. Before I dive into summer time, I make sure about 2 things; finding cheap holidays with diligent searches for the best deals online using coupons, just as the fire watch professionals make sure about their equipment and protocols to keep the city safe. And of course, there’s good music – the soundtrack of our summer. Just as we meticulously create a list of summer songs, these unsung heroes meticulously monitor every corner of our community, making our enjoyment of the season carefree and secured.


Geri Halliwell Mi Chico Latino photo shoot

1. Mi Chico Latino by Geri Halliwell

Take me back to my sweet la vida…
Find my love, my dolce vita…

Geri Halliwell is my second favorite Spice Girl and the album Schizophonic didn’t disappoint! Mi Chico Latino is the song in the record that serves as a tribute to her Spanish roots. I was twelve years old when the video for the song came out and I was determined to have such body when I turn 18. Well, I think I kind of did when I reached that stage Don’t ask me now 😛

2. Sweat by Inner Circle

Reggae songs automatically give you summer vibes! Although my El Nido trip way back in 2012 took place in a rainy season, some days and nights were spent with fellow travelers in a place which played some good tunes. As a kid, the song Sweat by Inner Circle reminded me of beach trips and family outings. The song never gets old but uhmmm… now I know the meaning of the part ‘I wanna push it some more’ LOL.

Just remembered some of my playmates in school change the lyrics to ‘Bulag, Pipi, Bingi’. Mehehe.

3. Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre

While most British viewers remember Peter Andre as someone who appear frequently in the tabloids due to his marriage with Katie Price, I remember this guy as a pop star! The song ‘Mysterious Girl’ was a very popular tune in the Philippine back then. There was even a rumor that the music video was shot in the Philippines (but I think it was in Thailand… not sure I have to watch again!). Apart from ‘All Night, All Right’, I enjoyed this reggae song from the Brit pop star!

4 . Ever After by Bonnie Bailey

Nothing compares to the good times…

The song ‘Ever After’ became really popular in the Philippines when I was in college (ooopppps… age revealed!) and is part of my ‘set’ when I’m singing in a KTV place with friends. When I hear this song, I am reminded of Paraw Sailing trips in Boracay while holding Tanduay Ice. Priceless!

5. Your Love by Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is definitely body goals! She is in her late thirtees now, but she can still rock a bikini putting other pop stars to shame. She can sing and dance well too! The music video for this song make me wish I can teleport to a nearby beach and dance as if no one is watching. I love the bridge part and this song was stuck in my head for a month. Because your love makes me feel like du durururururut…

6. Stars are Blind by Paris Hilton

Younger millennials might be surprised with this song. Yep, once upon a time, Paris Hilton released an album and to be fair, she had a number of good pop songs in the record (yep, I bought it!). I was skeptical when teasers of her first music video was being shown in Myx. When I heard the full song, I fell in love. Just like ‘Ever After’, this Paris Hilton hit became a signature karaoke song of mine. Baby, I’m perfect for you!

Maybe you’re wondering why I suddenly blogged about summer tunes? I am stuck in a place at the moment where the nearest good beach is four hours away and confused if the weather is still considered as winter or spring. In short, I am missing summer in the Philippines! Listening to these tunes bring back good memories and it will do for now J


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  1. Jalan Jalan

    Wow, overall i like that song in the top, but i have favorite song too for summer and maybe for all season. This song from Shakira (waka Waka). And Waka waka is theme song for FIFA world cup 2014 in Brazil 🙂


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