My Top 5 Favorite Yeng Constantino Hits

One of the challenges faced by graduates of reality-based singing contest is longevity. The viewers may root for you during the contest duration, but album and concert tickets sale determines if you’re bound to stay long in the business or be tagged as a ‘one hit wonder’.


Photo grabbed from Yeng Constantino’s Facebook page

Yeng Constantino is one of the very few reality-based singing contest winner who continues to shine as time passes by. Crowned as the ‘Grand Star Dreamer’ of Pinoy Dream Academy in 2006, the Rock Princess has produced five albums to date. Her debut album ‘Salamat’ reached “3x Platinum Record” and it featured her signature songs ‘Salamat’, ‘Hawak Kamay’, Time In’, Cool Off’, ‘Pangarap Lang and ‘If We Fall in Love’. The lovely part there is she wrote 7 out of 10 songs!

The second album ‘Journey’ reached the ‘gold record’ status. If I’m not mistaken, it is her least successful album. The songs released were used in some of ABS-CBN’s Pinoy and Korean Telenovelas.

The third album is simply called ‘Lapit’. I heard that she was extra pressured to prove the critics wrong with their verdict that she’s just an ‘overnight sensation’. With the help of Raimund Marasigan, this lady was able to bounce back and produce hits such as Jeepney Love Story, Siguro and Lapit.

With the fact that she had proven her worth as an OPM artist, she recorded a live album where she performed her own cover version of Eraserheads, APO and Rey Valera hits.

Her fifth album is entitled ‘Metamorphosis’. Not only did Yeng’s music evolve – even her hair color did! As I write this, she’s sporting a purple-ish hairdo.

Whew. I just gave you a bit of history there! Anyway, here are my Top 5 Favorite Yeng Constantino songs. It is hard to choose the top 5. She’s just a talented singer/songwriter!

5. Time-In

– I thought the title of this song is ‘Ako si Darna’! :p I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought of the same thing! If I remember it right, this song was used in one of ABS-CBN’s superhero-themed series. This feel-good song is a perfect pampagising especially if you need to go somewhere on time (school or work). You can do it, gurl!

4. Cool Off

– I was impressed when I first heard this song. Yeng was just fresh out of the Pinoy Dream Academy house and she’s already known for her songs ‘Hawak Kamay’, ‘Salamat’ and ‘If We Fall in Love’, which are quite ‘easy’ and ‘light’. Cool-Off shows a different dimension of a woman who knows that she needs a break from an emotional relationship. Most break-up songs during that time would either bad mouth the other party or say that they’re better off without the other person. A woman admitting she needs time to think is a rare nowadays especially in mainstream OPM.

3. Chinito

– I see rainbows and butterflies when I hear this song! I like the music video because of the cute dance sequence and yes, Enchong Dee! I guess the fans loved this song more when Kim Chiu and Xian Lim used it for the movie ‘Bride For Rent’. Feel-good song na hindi nakakasawa!

2. Josephine

– I only learned about this song last week. Josephine is Yeng’s real name and the song reveals something about her past relationship. Such a subtle but personal song and the music video has so much heart on it.

1. Lapit

– This is my top favorite Yeng song because of the emotional feel. It is the type of song I’d sing in a videoke session while I’m drunk and sing my heart out! It was during the release of this song that Yeng proved that she’s more than just an ‘overnight sensation’. She’s a true artist and a role model to the youth!

Recently she got engaged to her boyfriend and her debut film ‘Shift’ just won Best Picture at the 2014 Osaka Film Festival. It seems like Yeng Constantino is here to stay and inspire her yengsters!


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Do you like Yeng Constantino? What’s your favorite Yeng Constantino hits and why?


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Yeng Constantino Hits

  1. Milagros

    I like Yeng and I like the Chinito. Sa totoo lang patok na patok si Yeng sa mga kabataan. Parang nagiging part narin ako ng youth ngayon. πŸ™‚

  2. Czar

    I like Yeng not because of her song Chinito(because I am chinito,hahaha), is because she continues to inspire young to follow their dreams, be their selves and believe of what the future has store for us. Be cool, be young and be who you are!


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