Cebu City: My Comfort Zone

Ayala Terraces Cebu at Night

Ayala Terraces Cebu at Night – The Only Tourist Photo I took

“I’m sure ilalagay mo sa blog mo na this is your pang-ilang chorva trip to Cebu sa Micamyx!” Sinjin said in jest as we watch Vhong Navarro’s controversial Buzz ng Bayan Interview.

Well, Sinjin’s right. This trip counts as my nth time in Cebu City. In the past five years, I’ve visited Cebu countless times. I’ve lost count!

Why did I visit Cebu this time? I don’t really know. Do I need a reason?


I want to try the Clark-Cebu route coming from Dagupan City, so when an airline conducted a seat sale last December, I booked right away. A part of me wants to attend the Sinulog Festival, but I opted to book the week after the festival.

Reunited with Ate Melanie in Pampanga

Reunited with Ate Melanie in Pampanga

From Dagupan City, I travelled via Bus to DAU Bus Station. It took me three hours to reach the bus station, but I was eager to go to meet someone.  After 15 years, I was reunited with my big sister/idol Ate Melanie 😀 I’m happy that we’re finally reunited after all these years!

I met her husband (then boyfriend) for the first time. They revealed that they are now lucky parents of two handsome kids.

Right after our quick meet-up, I went straight to the Clark Airport Pick-Up Booth. The rate is Php100 per passenger and they require a minimum of 5 passengers before they proceed to the airport. I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad about it, but I paid Php250. There’s only two of us waiting and I need to catch my trip. The other passenger told me that it is a better and safer rate compared to when I go out and hire a tricycle/jeepney outside the station. Sige na nga!

I am impressed with the developments at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport or Clark Airport. Finally!

I arrived in Mactan International Airport at around 10PM. I was quite surprised that a lot of tourists opted for the Clark-Manila route.

I stayed in Sugbutel Bed & Bath for my first night. No need to splurge if all you need is a decent place to stay at for a night.


By morning, my friend Rabsin called me up and he invited me to Greenwich SM Cebu branch. He won some gift certificates from the Cebu Blog Awards and he met up with me at Sugbutel despite the fact that he’s sleepless from work. Sweet! 🙂


For some reason, I often go on ‘dates’ with my Cebu-based friends. It’s like I transform from a loner girl in Dagupan to a serial dater in Cebu. Toinks.

Thanks for the treat! :D

Thanks for the treat! 😀

We splurged on pizza, carbonara and lots of juicy stories that are unbloggable 😛  I find it sweet that he chose to use the gift certificate while I’m in town. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Greenwich and the Pasta Carbonara is really good!


I was surprised when Rabsin decided to come with me to the cinema and watch Mumbai Love. I remember his reaction when all of a sudden, he saw Solenn Heussaff onscreen. The film may not be perfect, but it did succeed in terms of entertainment value.


For dinner, I met up with Dylan and Gael at Ayala Terraces Cebu – my top favorite mall in the Philippines! And yes, the first photo found on this post is my only ‘travel’ photo for this trip.

With Dylan and Gael at Sumo Sam

With Dylan and Gael at Sumo Sam

We were able to catch up and talk about our recent trips and future plans. Later on, we lured Ayn to follow. How? One word: Chix.

With Ayn this time

With Ayn this time

The four of us end up drinking in Manggahan. It was a night filled with stories and laughter. Edwin followed and we went straight to Popoy’s Sizzlers for our midnight snack. Sarap nung batchoy!


I stayed at The Center Suites for three nights and booked my stay via Agoda. I really enjoyed my stay there two years ago and it was nice to see how the family-oriented have grown. Too homey that I forgot I’m on vacation. I wasn’t able to take a single photo even if I ate most of the time at the restaurant!


Did I travel to Cebu to watch Pinoy films? Doi and I met up to catch the first screening of ‘Bride For Rent’. I am not really a big Kim Chiu fan, but the rave reviews of netizens pushed me to give it a go. The movie didn’t disappoint and I prefer KimXi over the Kimerald tandem. Kim Chiu must concentrate with romcoms over hardcore drama projects.


While waiting for our turn to invade the videoke room!

While waiting for our turn to invade the videoke room!

A Cebu visit ain’t complete without a videoke session! Dylan, Doi, Johnn, Ayn and special friend made my Cebu trip a bit more loud by singing and drinking. Who wants to dare us in a mash-up challenge? We’re ready!


Selfie time @ Coffee Cat with Sinjin

Selfie time @ Coffee Cat with Sinjin


Sunday afternoon was spent with my dear Sinjin a.k.a. Libotero at the foreigner-infested IT Park. We met up at my favorite Coffee Cat and went straight to Coffee Bean Tea Leaf (adik lang!). In a moment, the two of us felt like we’re foreigners in our own country. There were tons of Koreans and Westerners meeting up and enjoying the cool Sunday breeze while drinking coffee. Missed you, Sinj!



Lechon Dinner Treat with Sinjin, Ethelbert and Fritz

Lechon Dinner Treat with Sinjin, Ethelbert and Fritz

For dinner, I met up with Fritz, Ethelbert and Sinjin. Rico’s Lechon ftw! We went straight to Mandaue for a foot massage. Thanks for the treat, sweeties!

It was a special night to chat with lovely people. ‘Till next time!


When I booked tickets last December, I wanted to visit Malapascua or Camotes. I also wanted to visit a friend, but circumstances didn’t allow me to do so. I don’t regret visiting Cebu even if I missed Sinulog (I’m a week late), failed to go on a beach trip or do hiking. As a good friend said in one of his mellow nights, Cebu is a magical place. Before you know it, I am booking another flight ticket before the year ends!

I would like to give link love to Dylan, Doi, Ayn, Edwin, Gael, Johnn, Sinjin, Ethelbert, Rabsin and Fritz. Sending positive vibes and lots of love <3

Grabbed most of the pictures from Instagram. You can now follow me @senyoritamyx!




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  1. thepinaysolobackpacker

    Same same! I also transformed from a loner girl in Bicol to a serial dater in Cebu. Lol Thanks for letting me sleep over sa hotel, I needed that conversation. Haha I’m not really a huge fan of Cebu city (but I love South and Norh Cebu) but I guess I’m starting to like it because of our Cebu based friends. I miss you all, hope to revisit soon!

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Lakbay Diva – Oo serial dater talaga hehe sa past din kapag nakikipag-meet ako sa friends laging parang date set-up lol 😛

    @thepinaysolobackpacker – Diba ang kulit lang ng transformation hehe 😀 Namiss kita! Talagang sa Cebu pa nagkita noh :))


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