In Love with Kazaky!

‘You Want Me, You Love Me, You Hate Me – I Don’t Care!’

I first saw a video of KAZAKY, a Ukrainian dance group when a friend shares one of their catwalk video on Facebook. I am just amazed on how these four good-looking guys managed to dance and strut their stuff on the catwalk with grace and poise. Wearing high-heeled shoes is not easy even for a lady, much for men. I am impressed on how the men of Kazaky do it.

KAZAKY Original Members: Oleg, Kyrille, Artur and Stas

KAZAKY Original Members: Oleg, Kyrille, Artur and Stas

I’ve been watching their music videos and live performances via YouTube for almost a week now. It is a sign that I am totally in love with this group! The original members of Kazaky are Oleg Zhezhel, Arthur Gaspar, Cyril Fedorenko and Stas Pavlov. Mid last year, Stas Pavlov (my favorite) left the group and was replaced by Francesco Borgato.

Kazaky from the music video 'Love'

Kazaky from the music video 'Love'

The videos of KAZAKY that are truly artistic, catchy tune, hot bodies and awesome choreography! The fusion of masculinity and feminine moves is just superb! Although they are more popular within the gay community, I found out that not all the members of Kazaky are gay! It simply shows that these five individuals are truly talented and hardworking.

I would like to share the music videos of KAZAKY. Watch and be entertained!

Now here’s the newest music video of Kazaky for the song ‘Dance and Change‘ featuring their newest recruit. I personally miss Stas, but I think Francesco is good too. Looking forward to Stas’ upcoming solo project (I hope there is!)

Thumbs up for the people behind the success of Kazaky! I am hoping to catch them perform live soon! Hopefully, they get more gigs in the UK by next year or why not come to SouthEast Asia this year?! πŸ˜€

Have you seen the music videos of Kazaky? What can you say? Are you a fan of Kazaky? Kazaky Kazaky is Love!!!


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