Chasing The Flight

I’m back in Manila after spending almost a week in Cebu with the PTB Bagets. It’s my 9th time (or 10th? I lost count LOL) in Cebu,  but it was my first time to visit Moalboal and Bantayan. It is a jam-packed trip full of activities and expected things that happened. Want me to start with storytelling? Let’s start with the trip going to the airport…

Motivational photo to not give up on the Cebu Flight!

A day before the trip, Robbie and I agreed to go together. I’ll take the taxi and pick him up on his place so we can go straight to the airport sharing the fare. At 6pm, he told me that he’s about to leave Quezon City and he is taking the MRT train going to the Bonifacio station. I lacked sleep so I fell asleep while waiting for his next update. He gave me a missed call at 7:10pm prompting that he will just do the last minute preparations and he’s ready to go.

With a sleepyhead and hungry stomach, I picked up my things and wore the slippers next to my bed. I went to the lobby to wait for a vacant taxi. There are two more passengers waiting before me. It started to rain and the Saturday traffic jam starts to go crazy. I hailed a cab after 30 minutes and while waiting, I was texting Robbie to just ride a cab when he sees one and i’ll try my very best to follow. We were both worried that we’ll miss our flight. Gah.

When I finally hired a taxi, the driver is around60+ years old and I requested if he can drive a bit faster. He said that he must be careful since the road is slippery and the traffic is crazy. Robbie kept on calling me and I am tempted to tell him lies LOL.

Robbie: San ka na?

Mica: Nasa Ortigas Station banda

Robbie: San ka na?

Mica: Sa Bungad ng SM Megamall

Robbie: San ka na?

Mica: Sa gitna ng SM Megamall

Robbie: San ka na?

Mica: Sa Shangri-la

Robbie: San ka na?

Mica: Lampas Shangri-la

Robbie: San ka na?

Mica: Teleperformance

Robbie: May banggaan dito sa bandang Boni. Nasa Wendy’s lang ako.

For the first time, I got scared. The public busses were to aggressive and won’t let us pass. Kairita Avila.

Finally I saw Robbie and we both tried to keep calm. I’m just glad that there’s less traffic after the Boni station and the road trip went on smoothly. It’s almost 8:30pm when we arrived in the airport and guess what time is our flight? 9PM!!!!

When we reached the check-in counter of AirPhil Express, it was already closed 😐 I’m thankful that there’s another family who like us, ran late but was able to do an online web-check-in. Yes, you can select your seats and do your web-check in via AirPhil Express for free. I’m glad we decided to use that feature that morning or else we’d be dead.

“Late na po kayo, ha” the APX crew said and marked our tickets as late.

“Nakapag-web check-in naman po kami. Sana makalusot” we begged with pa-cute eyes.

“Boarding na po yung Cebu trip in a few minutes.Have a safe trip!” the APX crew said.

Whew! Another funny thing we observed in the airport is this woman who was screaming at some people. I wanted to make usyoso, pero baka hindi makahabol sa flight!

We payed the Terminal Fee for Php 200 (ouch) and then we reached the Metal Detector Scan….

We were required to place our bags for inspections including our footwear….


i just noticed that….


Dumbfounded with this dumb thing I just did, I placed my mixed slippers in the scanning machine still with my backpack. I really can’t believe what I just saw LOL and the funny thing there is I didn’t notice that I was wearing such while the whole commotion was happening. Haha kainis lang ang timang-timang LOL.

I showed my ‘creative’ footwear to Robbie and he can’t help but laugh LOL. How embarrassing LOL. It is one of the times wherein you have no choice but to laugh at your own mistakes and just do the walk and make rampa to the airport haha.

Beaded on the left, Havaianas on the right LOL

When we reached Gate 119, the crew announced the Boarding time. Whew. We made it on time! I made an emergency call to Byahilo and asked him to buy me a pair of slippers in SM Cebu, size 8. When he asked why, I told him that I will narrate the story to him once we arrive in Cebu. I’m thirsty and hungry! Buti na lang din pala Blue ang aking nails that day. Wala lang hahaha

Robbie and I took the flight and then I remembered his post about his Fear of Flying. I’m glad that we made it on time. Talagang umeksena na agad sa airport pa lang eh HAHA.

Oh Hai, Bodie! Now we're in Mactan! Yey!

We went straight to Sugbutel Bed and Bath (Budget hostel in Cebu) to leave our things and meet up with Eric and Andrew.

“Look at my slippers!” I told Byahilo

“Hay nakakaloka ano yaaaan?!” Byahilo shouted.

Nakakaloka. KalurQUI! Hahaha and it is just a beginning of one memorable crazy Cebu trip.

I'm glad to be with positive friends

We went to IT Park for our super late dinner at Wanna Eat. Met some of my Cebu-based friends there and we went straight to Coffee Cat. I’m just glad that the Green Tea Yogurt with 3toppings is available that night. It is my reward for myself for a job well done – even with mixed slippers LOL.

What a truly, madly, crazilyyyyyyyyyyy airport adventure, right? We went straight to Sugbutel to rest and prepare for our snorkeling adventure in Moalboal, Cebu for the next day. Whew! KalurQUI! #meynteyn.


18 thoughts on “Chasing The Flight

  1. Robbie

    Kalorqui indeed!

    Actually I saw you put your slippers sa metal detector and nagtaka ako bakit magkaiba pero I was too busy rushing everything at hindi ko na natawanan. Wahaha.

    Papunta pa lang ng airport action filled na!

  2. doi

    hahaha. kalurkey! classic ang mismatched slippers mica. sana andun ako para makita ko ang bloopers mo. for sure, lakas ng tawa ko dun. hahaha

  3. Jerome

    tawa ako ng tawa sa magkaibang flip flops hahaha. katext ko pa si robbie habang nasa taxi kayo akala ko di na kayo makakahabol…sama ako next trip! hehe

  4. Micamyx Post author

    @Robbie – Haha sa totoo lang gusto ko nang mag-melt o mag-disappear nung nakita ko na magkaibang tsinelas suot ko lol. I’m just thankful na ikaw ang kasama ko sa kalokohang ito, sizsy haha

    @Drew – YES! Haha kaya super ginhawa nung nakarating na kami ng Sugbutel

    @Doi – Buti na lang wala ka haha o baka mas malala makunan mo pa ng video! :=))

    @Zhequia – hehe thanks dear! yup, i enjoyed my stay in Cebu. worth the early embarrassment lol 😀

    @Jerome – Sabi ko na ikaw ka-text niya nun eh hehe. Hindi na talaga siya mapakali nun LOL

  5. The Pinoy Explorer

    I think I missed 2 or 3 flights in my entire life…and I had to make excuses because these were all on official business! Good thing I travel a day before my scheduled business appointment!

    Tawa ako nang tawa sa tsinelas mo neng! Hahaha!

  6. eric

    winner ka teh!

    bumibili lng pala kmi ni andrew ng bagong slippers mo di namin alan na may bonggang katangahan ka nang ginawa sa T3 bwahahahaahah

  7. Micamyx Post author

    @The Pinoy Explorer- O diba bonggang-bongga lang? haha super pagod na ata ako at nagmamadali na i didn’t bother checking it. Pakalat-kalat lang kasi tsinelas ko sa kwarto kaya ayan hahaha

    @Eric – Kaloka katangahan talaga ginamit na term amf haha thanks sa bagong tsinelas teh! ginagamit ko siya ngayon LOL

    @Traveling Ted – Hehe yes Ted! I’m just glad that the trip was a good one – only the airport parts where crazy haha

  8. Ada Lajara

    AHAHAHA!! Tawa ko ng tawa dito lels, hanggang ngayon badet banayad na banayad ka parin pag may flight, not worrying ma-late, pero eto Wagas na Wagas!! Hahaha!! Miss yah!! <3

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