Pangasinan Bloggers’ Tour Day 1 – Exploring Dagupan, Calasiao and Lingayen

I was born and raised in Dagupan City. I started out blogging when I was in high school but i started blogging publicly in college (through my blog). As a student, i kept on blogging about my whereabouts including my dream of working in Manila. I wanted to pursue a careeer in IT way back, and going to Manila is the only solution that i saw. Although I’ve been working in Manila since 2008, i can say that nothing compares to the place you call home <3


Dagupan Boneless Bangus from Plato Wraps Restaurant

Here’s the summary of our First Leg – Photo and Puto walk in Calasiao, Lunch at Plato Wraps Restaurant, Tambay at Lingayen Capitol Park and Lingayen Gulf, Dinner at Matutina’s and Pigar-Pigar Experience in Galvan Street.

After claiming my visa, i went straight to Five Star Cubao to take a night trip home to Dagupan. The bus left at 7:00pm and i safely arrived in Dagupan at 11:30pm that Thursday night. Ada and Darwin a few hours after then the three of us slept at my new room in the new Dagupan house. My grandparents moved out early this year.


Darwin, Robbie and Ada's late breakfast at Alberto's Canteen

We woke up at 10AM just in time to wait for Robbie, who took his first solo long bus travel via Victory Liner. The four us ate our late breakfast at Alberto’s Canteen, which is found inside Lyceum-Northwestern University, my alma mater. I used to eat my lunch and merienda there as a student πŸ˜› I also took the opportunity to show the entire school campus to them. It felt a bit weird LOL πŸ˜›


Say a little prayer at Senor Divino Tesoro Shrine

Our next stop is Calasiao. We rode a jeepney and i think it’s just my 4th time to visit Calasiao by commuting πŸ˜› We first went to Senor Divino Tesoro Shrine. I used to go there with some of my high school batchmates when we were about to take college entrance exams πŸ˜› It is a known place for devotees and there’s this one story narrated to me before that the statue of the crucified Jesus Christ grants wishes and that it grown bigger in size as time passes by.


Preview of San Pedro y San Pablo de Calasiao

A few steps away from it is the San Pedro y San Pablo de Calasiao It is one of the oldest church in Pangasinan and to be honest, it was my first time to appreciate its beauty. It sort of reminded me of Paoay Church in Ilocos. The traditional Catholic practices is still visible here especially during weddings. It’s my first time to take a photo of the Church in my entire life. It’s true when they say that people tend to take advantage of a certain travel destination if they live close to it.


The Unbeatable Calasiao Puto

Finally, the four of us went to the Calasiao Puto Strip. Here in Manila, you’ll see a number of stalls scattered along the metro claiming that they’re selling original Calasiao Puto. I am not sure on what is its secret ingredient (secret nga eh LOL), but Calasiao Puto tastes far better especially with the Kuntsinta. No need to dip it in shredded coconut. Calasiao Puto is my favorite merienda way back πŸ˜€


Plato Wraps Restaurant in Pangasinan

For lunch, i brought my blogger friends to Plato Wraps Restaurant. Yepyep! The popular food cart in the malls nationwide has its own restaurant in Calasiao, Pangasinan! For your information, Plato Wraps started as a portion of Panaderia Antonio in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. ‘Great Meals in Small Packages’ is the tagline of Plato Wraps. As a Dagupena, i really feel proud whenever i see stalls in Luzon, Visayas and even Mindanao!


Big Burgerdon Solo (Php 160)

In Pangasinan, the Plato Wraps Restaurant is known for its Steaks and Burgers. They’re quite big compared to the usual servings of other restaurants in Pangasinan. For a change though, I ordered Korean Beef. Estan ordered the Big Burgerdon Solo, Robbie ordered French Toast with Bacon while Ada and Darwin quietly ate the Boneless Bangus with Rice. Hindi na sila umiimik at pagtingin ko, balat na lang ang natira sa bangus LOLOLOL πŸ˜›


Chill at Lingayen Capitol Park


Pathway to Lingayen Capitol - perfect for pre-nuptial pictorials

The five of us (with Estan this time) decided to go to Lingayen, the Capital of Pangasinan for a short afternoon trip. The Lingayen Capitol Park is being talked about online due to its cleanliness and the sight of the trees is truly relaxing. When I was in high school, there was a time wherein our cheering squad went there to practice for the competition. I didn’t appreciate it much not until that fateful Friday. According to Estan, the Lingayen Capitol Park is one of the best parks in the Philippines. We can now attest to that claim without bias πŸ˜›


Pangasinan's Official Seal


Spiral Staircase in Pinhole Mode - Drama lang πŸ˜›

We took the opportunity to go inside the Kapitolyo. Pangasinan-based photographers love the stairs, which i believe is perfect for sophisticated photo shoots πŸ˜› It’s my first time to enter after its renovation. Uhm, i was only eleven years old the last time 0_0.


Dagupena Dreamer at Lingayen Capitol's Rooftop πŸ˜€

We went to the rooftop to see Lingayen in a bigger view. The Lingayen Gulf on our left side, the park at the center and the residential area at the right. I am the queen of Pangasinan! LOLOLOL πŸ˜› (where did that statement come from? HAHAHA teehee πŸ˜› )


Fly me back to World War II

I smiled when we went to the Veteran’s Memorial Park. Years ago, the area was not maintained well and it was quite dirty. Some people were secretly urinating at the side. I’m happy that the officials of Lingayen did something for the cleanliness of the area. These are historical items that must be preserved. Now, kids can freely pose for souvenir pictures.


Emo moment habang hawak-hawak ang malakwatsang tsinelas

Then the rest of the afternoon was well spent taking pictures and emo moments at Lingayen Gulf. Once again, i am impressed because the last time i went there, Lingayen Gulf was once again not maintained well.


Throw your trash at the scattered trash cans

There were bahay kubos with videoke machines few steps away from the seashore and trash cans were hardly seen. Now, they removed the bahay kubos and it was replaced by big trash cans. While we were there, we noticed some students, families and lovers having a simple yet quality time there. In this type of public beaches, you will see the faces of ordinary Filipinos. I want to shoot my next film there πŸ˜›


Ada is obviously happy πŸ˜›


Darwin, Ada, Estan, Mica and... wait... where's Robbie?!?!


Oh, there he is. Traveling via Dreamland πŸ˜›

We rode 30 minute bus ride back to Dagupan City to meet up with Josh, who was then fresh from his work. We all went straight to Bonuan to eat dinner at the famous Matutina’s Seafood and Restaurant. Sounds familiar? Nah, female comedian Matutina doesn’t own the place. It is famous for its mouth watering dishes. Even FVR and  PGMA loved the place!


Matutina's Adobong Talaba - My Favorite πŸ˜€

For dinner, we ate Buttered Shrimps, Boneless Bangus, Adobong Pusit and Adobong Talaba – a dish majority of them ate for the first time 0_0 I was surprised LOL since my dad and Carlo’s Yaya used to cook that dish at least once a month πŸ˜› I’m glad they liked it though. For a while, galit-galit muna kami. Hindi kami masyadong nag-uusap dahil sa sarap ng food! Must concentrate!


Dagupan's Night Market

I didn’t know that Dagupan now has night market during Fridays. Josh suggested that we bring them there in order for our blogger friends to feel how its like to gallivant around Dagupan at night. I rarely go out at night in Dagupan City even when i was in college because they were overprotective (layas na ako ngayon lolz :P) and i didn’t have the patience to go out. Since my blogger friends were there, might as well try it πŸ˜› We passed by the market until we reached Galvan Street a.k.a. Pigar-Pigar Strip. Pigar-Pigar is one of the must-try dishes in Dagupan City since it is only available there (at least the authentic ones).


Lady showing how to cook Pigar-Pigar

I like Pigar-Pigar only when it is eaten at Galvan Street. I guess the ambiance and feel of eating out with your friends at night in the palengke sounds appealing to me. To those who are living in Cebu City, i can compare it to Larsians. There’s nothing really that special on the dish, but the ambiance is made of win! Pinoy na Pinoy πŸ˜€


Darwin, Josh, Mica, Ada, Robbie and Estan - Busog na Travel Bloggers hehe πŸ˜›

We went home early and slept at my grandparents’ house in Dagupan City. I am glad that none of them complained despite the fact that we don’t have air-conditioned rooms. The five of us needed to recharge to be energized for our Alaminos Leg. Stay Tuned for more!


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  1. pusang-kalye

    benta yung tulog picture ni Robbie by the beach…parang nagsu-sun bathing lang sa shade. peace Robbie. baka magalit kana ha. D:

    so talagang naki-pyesta pa kayo nung gabi? saan yan? so panu yun. nung gumala ku gamit ang car ni Josh?

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Robbie – Ang sarap noh? Satisfied na satisfied ka rin sa Buttered Prawns hehehe πŸ˜›

    @Ada – Oh yeah! Candid happiness shot yan (Micamyx Photography LOLOLOL)

    @Pusang-Kalye – Nakakatuwa nga si Robbie biglang sabi upo daw muna siya sa shed. Pagdating namin ang sarap ng tulog! Hindi namalayan na nagkaroon siya ng instant pictorial hahaha πŸ˜› Sarap matulog sa Lingayen Gulf ngayon, Anton. I swear πŸ˜€

    @Ed – Sige ba! Just tell me when you’re coming back to Manila or Clark πŸ˜€

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    sounds very!
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    wow yummy meals… for me the first one you served is great….boneless bangus, nagutom ako bigla hehe. you know this kind of food for me is the real sumptuous meal.

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