CONTEST ALERT! Share Your Pledge on Fighting Malnutrition and Win Gift Packs from Kraft


Good news to all! Kraft will be giving away 10 gift packs from Kraft. This is in line with the ‘Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya‘ campaign. It aims to fight malnutrition by holding the largest inter-school competition for grade school students in the Philippines.

Do you want to win Kraft Gift Packs and at the same time help raise awareness on how to fight malnutrition? Read on…

1.       Go to the Facebook Page of  Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya and my page and add yourself as a fan

2.       On your Facebook Wall, share with us your pledge on how to fight malnutrition by tagging us in . Example: “@Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya I promise to include vegetables in my daily meals”. To learn how to tag, type in the “@” symbol then follow it with the world “Palamantasan” This will prompt a drop-down menu box which will present you “Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya” Click that and you should see the “Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya” become a blue link.

3.       After writing your pledge, click the attach link icon and paste the URL of this post.

4.       Afterwards, change the privacy restriction of this post to “Everyone” by clicking on the lock icon just left of the “Share” button.

5.       One entry per person ONLY

6.       See if your entry is valid by checking my page and the Palamantasan fanpage.

7.       I will choose the most creative answer of the lot

8.       Prize can be claimed at the GeiserMaclang office by contacting Sam Sanchez at / 0918.823.4624

9.       Winners will also be announced by me in this post.

So that’s it! Share your pledge and win a special gift pack from Kraft. the promo period is from September 1-15, 2010 (I know i posted this contest a bit late… sorry! 😛 ) . I will announce the winner here by September 18, 2010.


11 thoughts on “CONTEST ALERT! Share Your Pledge on Fighting Malnutrition and Win Gift Packs from Kraft

  1. pusang-kalye

    sana di ko magulo yung contest post na ito. hehe Just wanna post my reply to your comment on my post……….

    Micamyx—woooo. Mica. sure.hahaha. pero marami ka nang mga photographers masyado. at tsaka, busy ka masyado, di kita kayang habulin sa ibat ibang lupalop ng

  2. Micamyx Post author

    Hello everyone! Received all your entries 😀 Make sure you followed the rules. I’m waiting for Sam’s go signal 🙂 Thanks for joining!


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