Quick Update on Maribago Beach Resort and Sumilon Island Trip

I am writing this quick post while I am stuck with three bloggers at the lobby of a hotel somewhere in Dumaguete City. Why? The plane bound for Manila left us, but there are no regrets. Of course, I was worried awhile ago, but there are some things that we can’t really control. I guess this is one of them.


Instead of feeling bad for not catching that flight, I am taking this chance to make a simple “Thank You” post to the staff and crew of Maribago Beach Resort and Sumilon Island for the very grand vacation treat and of course, Geiser-Maclang team especially to Anika and Charl for making everything possible.


Dinner at The Cove, Maribago Beach Resort

Last year, my Cebu-based blogger friends blogged about their stay at Maribago Beach Resort and how they were pampered as guests. At the back of my mind, I have this wish that I’d be able to go and spend at least one night at the said resort with my friends. I still can’t  believe that it happened last Thursday and Friday! Also, I was pampered by Amuma Spa with their Amuma Hilot on our last night at the resort.

Amuma Hilot by Amuma Spa

Amuma Hilot at the room by Amuma Spa

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sumilon Island from the Cebu Bloggers Society. I saw their tour photos and it was pretty evident that they really had so much fun despite the strong winds and waves on their way to the island (did i mention the long drive from Cebu City to the Sumilon mainland?). Still, they claim that the whole experience is worth it and up to this day, most of them wants to go back and those who failed to join wants to grab an opportunity to do so.

Arrival to Sumilon Island

Arrival to Sumilon Island (love the sun! ^_^ )

Again, I can’t believe i spent one night at the island. Last night, I tried singing with the media and bloggers crew beside the beach. It was also my first time to experience a buffet breakfast beside the beach. The place is just too romantic. My first time to try Kayak and ride a Glass Boat. First time to see giant corals and yes, first time to really feel like a certified senyorita! πŸ˜€


Old chair used by pregnant women taken from Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

Aside from enjoying my stay at Maribago Beach Resort for 2 nights and Sumilon Island for one night, I also enjoyed the Cebu Heritage Walk sponsored by DOT. Yes, it is my 5th time in Cebu City, but I can’t believe that I actually haven’t explored the most important and memorable spots yet in the history of the city that I truly love. Eating CNT Lechon after the tour is a big plus and Sir Mike is also a very nice and intelligent tour guide πŸ™‚


Sorry Father for I have sinned - Taken outside Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion (Oslob, Cebu)

It is also my first time to appreciate the beauty of churches. We had our advanced Visita Iglesia on our way to Sumilon Island. Who would have thought that there are very beautiful and solemn churches that still exist in the Philippines? I also took this chance to give a prayer to every stop and be thankful for all the blessings I have received.  Thanks to Sir Binoe for giving us fresh insights and information regarding every stop and how he can also qualify as a stand-up comedian once he decides to retire from being a tour guide hehe πŸ˜›


Sunset shot from Sumilon Island

Now everyone is working at the hotel lobby here in Dumaguete City with our very own workstations. We all know that we have big responsibilities to face once we step back to Manila tomorrow morning, but why worry? We have so much pasalubongs to bring back home – Chicharon, Dried Mangoes, Danggit and something that can’t really fit in our luggages – MEMORIES.

I simply feel blessed.

PS: Will update more about Maribago Beach Resort, Cebu Heritage Walk (10 locations T_T), Amuma Spa, Sumilon Island, Visita Iglesia and Dumaguete City soon either at Senyorita or Patay Gutom πŸ˜›


12 thoughts on “Quick Update on Maribago Beach Resort and Sumilon Island Trip

  1. The Photoblogger

    loooked like fun! I love the “sorry father i have sinned” photo! the details are amazing πŸ™‚ sayang we couldn’t meet while you were here

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Drew – Nice idea! I would love to go back there with the gang! πŸ˜€

    @The Photoblogger – Thanks πŸ™‚

    @LetsGoSago – WOOT!

    @Dlysen – Yep. Exploring the Philippines is already enough! Too many beautiful sights to see!

    @KA Bino – Sure Bai hehe πŸ˜› Ako na manager mo LOL

  3. Sexy Nomad

    I’m so happy you had such a grand time, Mica! More travels to come!

    Peter and I will visit Sumilon come June. I can’t wait!!! I just hope Sumilon will still be having a nice weather by then, πŸ™‚

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