Lost in Dumaguete City

Staying overnight in Dumaguete City is not included in our plan last Sunday. We were scheduled to take a PAL flight back to Manila from the Dumaguete Airport. Unfortunately, there were uncontrollable incidents that happened on our way to the Dumaguete. The plane left us a few minutes before we arrived 😐

Dumaguete Airport

Hello, Travellers! Guess what? The plane just left 😐

We were all panicking because most of us had to go back to Manila and go straight to work. We tried our luck by inquiring for a flight back to Manila at Cebu Pacific, but they refused to take payments through credit card. We ended up spending the night at Dumaguete City, which I bet none of us felt bad about in the end πŸ˜›

Seriously, going to Dumaguete City is not included in my travel plan this year. Eric of Byahilo.com was gushing days ago about the Sansrival Cakes and Pastries’ specialty which is the Silvanna. I also read Karylle’s tweet about it weeks ago and I got really curious.

Our Room

Our Room at Worldvision Pension House, Dumaguete City

After reserving a room at Worldview Pension House, the whole team went to Sansrival Cakes and Pastries to eat our late merienda and to finally taste the most-talked about Silvanna and of course, the Sansrival Cake.I also ordered the Sansrival Spagetti. To be honest, I was a bit intrigued upon reading the name of the house spagetti. Akala ko ang sauce na ginamit yung icing ng Sansrival cake LOLOLOL πŸ˜›

Sansrival Spagetti

Sansrival Spagetti for Php 32

Sansrival and Silvanna's = WIN

The Famous Sansrival Cake and Silvannas

For Php 24 per slice of Sansrival Cake and Php 10 per piece of Silvanna’s, everyone was more than happy to finally taste these sweets. I ended up buying one roll of Silvanna’s (PHP100) and I want some more!

Since Azrael plurked about our “trip” to Dumaguete, Tita Jane called us and suggested that we check out Howyang Cuisine, which is owned and operated by her sister-in-law Mimi Young.

On our way to HowYang, we passed by the following:

Ever Mall

Ever Mall in Dumaguete City

Scooby's Fastfood

Scooby's Fastfood

Scooby's Internet Cafe

... and Scooby's Internet Shop

Hoy Lugaw!

Hoy Lugaw! Upuan na ang sandamakmak na kaldero!


Silliman Hall at night


Lost travellers at Howyang Cuisine

Howyang Cuisine is a Filipino/Chinese restaurant located at Perdices St. (infront of Lee Plaza). We were happily accommodated by Ms. Mimi and whew, we had so many choices in the menu! I ordered Wanton Soup with Lomi since I was craving for soup and noodles πŸ˜› Howyang Chinese Cuisine specializes in dimsum & dumplings, toppings, chinese and filipino dishes. (will blog more about this at Patay Gutom).

Lost Bloggers at How Yang

Lost travellers with Mimi Young of Howyang Cuisine

We went home and brought our own workstations at the lobby of the hotel for the wifi connection. I automatically blogged a quick update about the Maribago and Sumilon experience while some of us were uploading fun pictures. We slept at around 1am and woke up at 5:30am. We went straight to the airport even if we were disappointed with our complimentary breakfast.

We booked the first flight back to Manila via Cebu Pacific. We left Dumaguete Airport at around 8:50AM. Thanks to the blind singers who entertained us with their love songs like Words, Paminsan-minsan and Leaving on a Jetplane (they’re good!).

Talented Blind Musicians at Dumaguete Airport

Talented blind musicians at Dumaguete Airport

Cebu Pacific saves the lost travellers

Cebu Pacific plane back to Manila

Though our stay in Dumaguete City is short, I can say that I love the place. It is quiet, laidback and i heard that the crime rate there is almost close to zero. No wonder a lot of foreigners would love to reside and eventually retire in the City.

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  2. Ada

    Laki ng watermark ng micamyx.com hahah.
    paminsan minsan pala masaya maiwan ng plane LUL, pero katakot parin. hehe magastos hahaha

  3. Ed

    Dumaguete is really a nice place to live if you have lots of money because things are cheap and you don’t have to dress up as much. This post reminds me that I should create a ‘places to eat’ post about the place. Busy nga lang. hehe.

  4. Micamyx Post author

    @Dlysen – Hehe πŸ˜› Swak na talaga bilang travel blog itong personal blog ko πŸ˜›

    @Ada – LOL sorry hehe πŸ˜› Tinamad akong mag-resize. First time ko gumamit ng watermark hehe πŸ˜›

    @Ka Bino – Thanks for the information! I wish i stayed longer in Dumaguete T_T

    @Ed – I agree with you. I wouldn’t mind getting a job in Dumaguete and eventually move there πŸ˜›

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