Send Flowers to the Philippines this Valentines Day with Island Rose

It’s FEB-ibig month. What does that mean? It is the month wherein lovers get the chance to show how they love their current partner and be ‘extra’ romantic and expressive even just for a day. It is also a day wherein we let our female friends feel extra special.


Most girls do really appreciate it whenever someone gives them a rose for some reason. I remember my dad sending flowers to my mom, my grandmother and even to his one and only daughter on Valentines Day with flowers straight from Baguio City (he used to work there). To some people, buying flowers in the market or a flower shop can be very stressful (blame the traffic!) or it can also be time-consuming for the busy yuppies.

I recently discovered Island Rose, a website that Deliver Flowers to the Philippines. Yes, you can easily send these fresh flowers to the Philippines in just a few clicks in their website!

My officemate just tried it out yesterday and he managed to have the flowers delivered to Paranaque even if he is in Quezon City working with the paper’s layout. As a newbie in sending goods like these, he finds the site user-friendly and easy to navigate. The selection of Philippine Flowers is also impressive. Not only that, they also have other items such as necklace, chocolates, teddy bears and more to spice up things a bit 😛

If you want to know more, just go straight to the website of Island Rose. Better take advantage as they offer 10% discount whenever you purchase using the discount coupon code VDAY022010. This discount code is valid until February 20.


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