On The Red Shoes, Shabu-Shabu and Donuts

Thank God It’s Friday! Aside from I have no work on Fridays, it is also the day wherein I am able to meet-up with some of my friends or have some ‘me’ time. Last Friday was extra special because of the following reasons: 1.) I am one of the first to see Unitel Pictures’ The Red Shoes 2.) Late Gloria Maris Shabu-Shabu Dinner 3.) Project52Weeks completion at Krispy Kreme.

Nuffnang Bloggers at the Frontrow

Nuffnang Bloggers at the Frontrow

Nuffnang Philippines gave me an exclusive pass to the Media screening of Unitel Pictures’ The Red Shoes. If you are a regular reader of my blog, most probably you’ve seen the advertisement with the faces of Marvin Agustin and Nikki Gil on it. To be honest, I first find the Marvin-Nikki tandem very dull. Maybe it is because I never really pictured them to be a loveteam in a movie or tv series or yeah, the Kapuso-Kapamilya thingy too LOL.

So initially, you will only see The Red Shoes in the trailer and movie poster. I thought the movie will focus more on Imelda Marcos’ addiction with shoes (Mas sikat pa nga si Imelda Marcos kaysa sa Pilipinas! – Tessie Tomas, The Red Shoes). If you are a devotee of the 1986 People Power Revolution, i’m sure that you will enjoy this film. But wait, the story doesn’t really revolve there.

The Red Shoes Media Premiere

Tessie Tomas as an Imelda Marcos Impersonator/Psychic

As a whole, The Red Shoes is a story about LOVE. It is initially a story about stealing for the sake of love. The little boy stole Imelda Marcos’ red shoes primarily for two reasons : First, for Justice – because his father ‘died’ in the Manila Film Center and Second, for Genuine Love – to his childhood sweetheart and eventually, her girlfriend for thirteen years.

I don’t really want to give much spoilers, but I will give you some of the lessons I learned from the story:

1.) Some people uses a certain tragedy in order to escape from a responsibility. Enough said.

2.) We have to let go of some material things in order to move on. Yes, I am talking about items with sentimental value.

3.) Trust is easy to loose, hard to gain.

4.) When we do things for love, we don’t really call them responsibility.

5.) You can tell if a person is lying by looking at his/her eyes. You can confirm their lying with a lie detector.

6.) You can never really change who you are for love. You have to deal with the differences.

7.) Imelda Marcos is Imelda Marcos. It’s either you love her or hate her. No doubt though that she is the most popular Filipina in the world no matter if it’s in a positive or negative light.

8.) The hospital was made for sick people. Those who wish to do  something naughty should go to a nearby hotel. Remember, doctors and nurses are doing daily rounds haha πŸ˜›

9.) There is a broken yet beautiful bridge somewhere in Bulacan. The different bridges in the film symbolizes a lot of things. It also reminded me of my dream of going to San Juanico Bridge, the longest bridge in the Philippines.

10.) I never thought that I’d be able to watch a Filipino film with an unpredictable ending.

The Red Shoes Media Premiere

Did any of you wore red shoes? Err…

At The Red Shoes Media Premiere

Me after the screening of The Red Shoes πŸ™‚

The Red Shoes Media Premiere

Maki’s wacky pose after the movie screening

I think what i stated above can somewhat push you to watch this movie. Trust me, this movie is worth your time and money. πŸ™‚

Pagkaen. Pagkaen. Pagkaen! AAAAHH AAAAHH!!

Pagkaen. Pagkaen. Pagkaen! AAAAHH AAAAHH!!

We managed to shoot a short video for my Project52Weeks (Failed to update for four weeks LOL). This one is entitled Beg for Food featuring Maki, Jehz and Judd. We were all hungry na kasi T_T

Next stop, I, together with Maki, Jehz, Judd and Carlos went to Gloria Maris for a late Shabu-Shabu Dinner. Kuya Drew joined us. We mixed vegetables, meat, seafoods etc and played a very funny game about Filipino celebrities. As expected, my team won teehee πŸ˜›


The Dork Knight is here in Manila!

Judd and Carlos

Judd and Carlos, gutom na ba kayo?

Happy si Kuya Bunso :)

Happy Patay Gutom Nyoks

Gloria Maris Shabu-Shabu

This Shabu-Shabu is quite addicting!

We found ourselves in Krispy Kreme Greenhills after. We had a mini-film showing, played a game called Wrong Answer Wins, shot two short films for Project52weeks and did more childish stuff.

Film Viewing

Film Showing at the Donut Store


DONUT look at the camera. This is a stolen shot haha πŸ˜›

Drew,Judd and Mica

Drew, Judd and Mica: The Dork, The Crybaby and The KK Addict


When I say childish, I really mean childish!


My attempt to be a nerdy

I can tell if you're lying

I can tell if you’re lying


Maio Roca and Betty La Fea



Not your ordinary corny break-up story

Not your ordinary corny break-up story

We ended up shooting another short film called On Glasses and Powders. It is inspired from Maki’s glasses, which I enjoyed wearing and yep, baby powder. We thought of a corny break-up story line that has something to do with glasses and powders. Ang labo at ang kati! πŸ˜›

All in all, I had a very happy night. I went home at around 2AM and uploaded some photos online. I didn’t sleep even just for an hour because I went straight to Tagaytay for a happy Saturday Day Trip πŸ™‚

More photos found at my flickr page.


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