Women with Brave Hearts Shoots Cervical Cancer

Last Saturday, I got the chance to meet some of the members of Bravehearts, an NGO that aims to raise awareness on cervical cancer prevention in the Philippines. 

Bravehearts Logo

A number of bloggers were invited for an intimate lunch meet-up. Romina, the ever kikay yet tough girl who invited me to this empowering event, served as the emcee that afternoon. She gave a little overview on Bravehearts like their past activities, tie-ups, celebrity endorsers and some of their future plans.

Romina of Bravehearts

The bubbly Romina of Bravehearts gave an overview about the group

To be honest with you, I don’t really know much on Cervical Cancer. I just found out that Cervical Cancer is actually  the second most common cancer among Filipino women! This means that we girls must not only worry on the possibility of having breast cancer (the top most common cancer among women all over the world). The good news here is it’s never too late to undergo treatment or vaccination.

Dr. Becky Singson

Dr. Becky Singson gave a talk on Cervical Cancer prevention

Dr. Becky Singson gave a short talk on the Cause, Stages and Prevention of Cervical Cancer among women. The talk made me realize that in the country, only a few is aware of the facts presented to us that afternoon. Thr group is planning to have regular screenings in different places in the Philippines. They’re also planning to conduct a number of blogger events which can help raise awareness about the group and how to prevent cervical cancer which are SVA, Cryotherapy and Vaccination (will tackle more on these on another blog entry to be posted soon).

Female Bloggers bravely shoots cervical cancer!

Female Bloggers bravely shoots cervical cancer!

Bravehearts is not only about drama and stuff. We all need to live a happy life!

Since we all want to “kill” the possibilities of having cervical cancer, we had a frightening yet fulfilling activity. 


Getting Ready

I'm Ready!

After the talk of Dr. Singson, the brave girls went to Armscor Shooting Center located at Makati Cinema Square for a target shooting session. We were taught on the basics, the do’s and don’ts in handling a gun.I was scared at first, but I managed to conquer my fear. I am not a sharp-shooter, but I am proud to say that I was able to do the activity and I didn’t back out… Wait… none of us backed out!

My first attempt on target shooting

My first attempt on target shooting

Wooops... Medyo kalat-kalat ang tama ~_~

Wooops... Medyo kalat-kalat ang tama ~_~

Sire, Mica and Ada after the shoot out

Sire, Mica and Ada after the shoot out


It was a tiring yet fun day. I am happy because I was able to learn more on cervical cancer, which is something that one must not really neglect especially women who are active with their sexual activities. Prevention is the key to a healthier and cancer-free body.

If you want to learn more on Cervical Cancer Prevention, please visit http://www.xoutcervicalcancer.com.ph/

Special thanks to PinayAds.com for the wonderful pics! 😀


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  1. drew

    Nice post. A healthy lifestyle is the best kind of prevention for cancer or any kind of disease. When you neglect your health all sorts of problems start to occur. Forms of neglect include alcohol binging, smoking, junk food, drinking sodas with artificial sweeteners (LOL @ pic), eating the wrong foods and lethargy. So yeah, Mica, watch what you eat and start exercising, now na! Hehe.

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