Reminiscing College Life


Taken during the concert of the teachers. Where is Micamyx? LOL

Taken during the concert of the teachers. Where is Micamyx? LOL


Yesterday, Batang Yagit posted an entry containing some of his photos taken during his high school days. I made a similar entry way back at my livejournal account. I realized that I was a total performer when I was a high school student. I am the type of student who would rather concentrate on her extra-curricular activities than worry about her academic standing.

College was a different one. It was the time wherein a did appreciate the art of jazz music. I also learned to get rid of my boyish clothes and change them with the more girly ones. I was able to meet and mingle different types of people. I was able to manage my extra-curricular activities and my academics. I got good grades. I also found out that I can be a student leader.


First Year college was a bit challenging for me emotionally. My father died at July 5, 2004 and I had to do a dance number on the University Orientation Program a week after. I managed to perform and a lot of people questioned if I was really mourning on my father’s death or not. I didn’t care at all. I know that my father loves to see me dance or sing onstage. He was my number 1 fan 🙂



Taken last January 2005

Taken last January 2005


I became a member of the L-NU Performing Arts Dance Troupe when I was in first year. I was able to dance in a number of programs and we even had some gigs outside the school. It was also the time wherein I assisted at the University Student Government in some of their programs. Kuya Gau, Ate Jenna and Kuya Jajo trained me because they wanted me to run for a position by the next year. 


Gau, Gara, Mica, Sheena and Jenna @ USG Office


At sophomore year, I had a part time job. I was an encoder of the schoolbliz. I managed to get high grades at the first semester. I was disappointed when I got disqualified to run for a position at the USG, but I was offered to run at the Engineering and Computer Science Student Association (ECSSA) as Representative of the IT Department. Luckily, I won.

The second semester was rather boring and I didn’t want to attend my class. I forgot the reason LOL

ECSSA Officers at the Leadership Training Seminar (2006)

Third year was the best. I was once again disqualified for the USG (because of my grade in Calculus amf) but I became an active student leader. I was affiliated with the newly-elected officers and I won as the Vice-Governor of the Engineering and Computer Science Student Association and the first Multimedia Club of the CSIT Department.

L-NU Multimedia Club (2006)


FoodFest - ECSSA Kulit

FoodFest - ECSSA Kulit



ECSSA was very active that year – We participated at the Intrams, we had our own ECSSA Basketball Tournament mainly for the Engineering Students, we participated at the food fair and in a number of outreach programs. I had a blast that time.

USG-ECSSA with Carlo 😀

The USG and ECSSA officers treated each other like real brothers and sisters. Carlo is being loved by some of them and they constantly gave him donuts, chips and stuff. In the photo above, Carlo assisted in the installation of banners and booths for our Intrams. He even suggested a very effective tool for our ECSSA Computer Quiz Show LOL. 

The friendship between the two groups is not forgotten, but I still regret the decisions I made way back. Avoiding is not the answer. If only I could turn back time.


Vinz, Andy, Dyan and Mica @SVI

Vinz, Andy, Dyan and Mica @SVI


Before I entered my last semester, I had my OJT in SVI in Ortigas. Bakit sa Manila? Pasaway ako eh 😀 Met a number of cool individuals and it also happened that Pangga’s Markku and Hana used to work there 😀 


Youth for IT '07
Youth for IT

At fourth year, I concentrated on my blogs and thesis. I also became my lolo’s “other secretary”. I managed to attend the Y4IT for the first time and met Coy there.


With my Mom during my College graduation last November 2007

With my Mom during my College graduation last November 2007


At November 2007, I graduated from college. I took up college for 3 1/2 years. Kinarir ko ang pag-overload ng subject at my first and second year. Aside from the Loyalty Award, I also received a Leadership Award weee and that made my mom really happy so she went back home to attend the Graduation rites.


Micamyx - Taken last September 2, 2006

Micamyx - Taken last September 2, 2006



Wow. I remembered a lot of things because of this blog post. Looking at the pictures brings back the struggles, the happiness and the success of a college student from Dagupan. I never really thought that I’d be able to get a Leadership Award since I never had the chance to venture into Student Politics way back in high school because I was not a DL student. I am happy that my efforts were noticed and I met a lot of good influences.

High School or College? College syempre 🙂


How about you? How was your college life like?


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