Random Realizations on my Father’s 45th Birthday

A few minutes ago, a dear blogger friend of mine named Winston shared the post he wrote last year about a simple event that changed his life forever. 

To be honest, I’ve been bothered since Thursday because of the recent turnout of events in my family. Nothing that serious, really. It’s just that by next year, I have to make a choice for my family’s sake. I have also decided that I am willing to sacrifice my “wants” for the “needs” of my family.

I am lucky because I have some friends that I can talk to. I have my “Kuyas” and “Besties” that gives me all the support and guidance that I need. 


Last Friday, I decided to watch the movie “100” alone at Glorietta. The movie did made me cry for the following keywords:

1. cable car – i first rode the cable car at HK when i was 6 years old. my parents wanted me to try going out of the country so that I have a story to share to my friends when I grow up. i haven’t gone out of the country eversince.

2. photo album – i remember how my dad treasures every picture developed. he would place them in a box or fix them in a photo album. he hated it whenever i cut some of our pictures. he told me that i should treasure these photos as it is the only thing that we could keep to treasure the memories of the past. now i know why. i couldv’t take more pictures of him before he died. didn’t have my own camera way back 🙁

3. experiment in cooking – my dad used to experiment a lot. he really cooks well. i even told him that he shouldv’t took culinary arts way back in college. I love his Bulalo and Sinigang. I hate you because you didn’t teach me how to cook. Tuturuan mo na nga lang ako yung tama pang pagsaing at pag-boil ng itlog LOL

4. post-its – he used to have a lot of post-its at home. I, on the other hand, would write stuff such as “pasalubong”, “madonna”, “chocolates” at the post its and post it on his steno notes (where he writes his playlist for his radio program)

5. manaoag church – i remember accompanying my classmates to Manaoag church before the UPCAT exams. It was the first and last time that I went there and did the rituals. I didn’t go there to pray that I’ll pass the exams. I went there praying that he’d change for the better – and in a way, he did.

6. Beach – Ahhh… the beach. The last time we went to the beach was in Bolinao, a month after his brain surgery. I admired him as he swims there knowing the fact that his brain can crush anytime at the sea LOL just kidding 🙂 he attempted to teach me how to swim when i was younger, but i never learned.

7. Full Moon – I remember how he loved the sight of the moon at the night of July 3, 2004. He even said “akala ko di ko na makikita ang moon”.  Who would have thought that by July 4, 2004 he will collapse and be rushed at the hospital and by July 5 he’s dead?

I wrote a lot of entries about him in the past at my LJ. I used to cry everytime I click at the publish button, but if you could only see me now as I type this. I have a smile on my face. Why?


1. I can say that a daughter has moved on from the departure of her beloved father, though she knows that he is watching over her.

2. The daughter loves her mother and brother so much. She needs to sacrifice for them, but is sacrifice the right term? not really. It’s a matter of choice.

3. A death of a father doesn;t necessarily mean that you will not see father figures that will guide you on your way to the future. Just open up your eyes and see like me! Hehe nyok 😛

4. I can say that I got my creative style of writing from him – Ang EMO LOL

5. Though he had done something wrong in the past, that doesn;t mean that he is a bad father. Maybe he was just not strong enough to face reality. In turn, I should learn from that experience as i witnessed the consequences of things he had done.


Oh well. Lessons Learned. A life worth celebrating.

A life worth remembering.

Papa, Happy 45th Birthday. I love you I love you 🙂


7 thoughts on “Random Realizations on my Father’s 45th Birthday

  1. Winston

    where ever your dad is right now, i know he is happy for you. I know you’ve been a good sister and daughter. 🙂 😀 weee..and I must thank you too. Thanks for sharing your story last friday. 🙂

  2. Carlo Reid

    What Winston said. Your Dad is happy his daughter has moved on and is stronger each day. 🙂 So just go on with your life and make your Daddy proud with your accomplishments 😉 😀

  3. GeoRge

    It really is tender and sweet to recall good memories with certain objects or places. I’m sure he is proud of you. Just keep an open and loving heart.

  4. Micamyx Post author

    @Winston – Thank you din Winston. I found a good friend and confidante in you. Nyok! 😀

    @Noemi – Thanks Tita Noemi for sharing 🙂 I bet our dad’s are watching over us now 😀

    @Carlo – Yep yep i will 😀

    @Jehzeel – Ok lang maging emo minsan. nyok nyok nyok! 😀


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