One Merry Wednesday

“Is that the final venue for the meeting?” I asked one constant buddy thru text.

“Yes. Just take a cab because we’re on our way” He replied.

Though I was hesitant to go, I managed to go to the place that I am not really familiar with. Wearing high-heeled shoes and a dress with different shades of green, I took a cab and went straight to the meeting. I was holding a plaque of recognition the whole time.

When I arrived in the undisclosed location, I went straight to the women’s room to do the usual washroom routines. I applied some colors on my face as I look a bit pale. I had a busy yet fruitful day and I felt like something good’s gonna happen that night.

As I walk through the second floor of the place, I received a phone call asking me to go to the upper portion of the place. I was surprised when I saw four special men on the escalator all smiling at me.

It’s not the first time that I went out with them. It’s not even our first movie together, but I dunno. I was really happy when I saw them. They mentioned something about a little misunderstanding (we had a number of MU’s LOL) but oh well. The most important thing that time is that the five of us were together witnessing the first screening day of a phenomenal film.

We lined up and got out pass. We then decided to go on the ground floor to eat dinner first.

So where should we eat? In a japanese restaurant? in Mc Donalds? In an expensive restaurant? Where?

One suggested that we should go to a place where we can enjoy a bowl of vietnamese noodles and so we went.

Everyone was using chopsticks as their utensil but errr… i don’t really know how to use them. Thank God my seatmate who was wearing a red top (Xmas Xmas) patiently thought me how to eat using chopsticks. Then I learned. We were talking about the usual and unusual stuff and I don’t really think that I should share them to you.

After an hour of fulfilling our stomach’s needs, we went straight to the dark place. We all sat together while eating delicious cookies.Β 

We sat and enjoyed the premiere for two hours. Before the film started to roll, i took a few photos.

When we were done watching the newest bangbang film, we all went to one car. I was surprised when one handed me a Christmas CD. Hmmm… when was the last time I received a CD as a Christmas present? If I’m not mistaken, I was in Grade4.

As the car moves and the Christmas songs played on the background, I couldn’t help but embrace the arms of my two seatmates at the back of the car. I know they were kind of surprised with my action, but I was comfortable with it. You will never feel wrong when you are with the right people at the right time.

I remember us arguing about the color of the lights along Paseo de Roxas. Some claims its color white, but I personally think its color blue. Oh well πŸ˜€

Then one was dropped in his home first. Then I was next.

I know that this activity is like a routine already. Β We usually meet up in a coffee shop or restaurant in different malls. I actually feel like my Sunday nights are not complete without a dinner session with them. The usual individuals present might be really busy from nine to six in their respective careers, but we still managed to meet up from time to time and just be ourselves. No matter how funny it may sound to people, I am not afraid to say that I consider them as my other family. I call them my Plurkfiesta Family. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “One Merry Wednesday

  1. Ada

    Aw, walang spoon and fork available? Hehe. They should provide pa rin diba dapat like in Tokyo Tokyo. Aw.


    I’m pretty sure that those 4 guys who were smiling at you are the most prettiest guys in your life (that night), kiddin’!! πŸ˜€ Mica, you’re probably the first blogger I met who treasures every second with fellow bloggers. You deserve to be loved.


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