8 Days of Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy

Since I am stressed and I’m about to leave Manila in two hours for a five hours and 30 minutes bus trip to Dagupan and be back in Manila by night time, I decided to blog about some of the things that made me happy the past eight days. I originally planned to blog about it, but due to my workload and my messed up mind, all these entries are not yet published.

Let’s start!

Wednesday – I arrived in Dagupan after two months. I saw my ever loving grannies at home and decided to treat them for dinner. We went to Dagupena Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Pangasinan. We ordered Pinapaitan, Buro and Crispy Pata. We ate a lot and we were able to update each other with the latest updates on my brother, my mom, work, family etc. Lolo and Lola told me that the dinner made them really happy and that they do really miss me and my presence in the house (I miss you both!)

Thursday – I went back to school and bonded with Jaypee, one of my closest college friend. We drank Mocha twice (haha) and we talked about random stuff. I also spent some quality time alone in Gloria Jeans Dagupan working on my documents and private blog entries.

Friday – Watta stressful Friday! Due to mild depression, I decided to go back to Manila at 6pm. While on the bus, I ate a lot of tupig and when I arrived in my Manila room, I had my first ever Swedish Massage. Now I agree with Yogajane – The scent of Lavender is really relaxing.

Saturday – I went back to work and ate a lot – Sinigang na baboy, Hipon, Boneless Bangus, two cakes, Fish Fillet etc! Not only that, the Plurkfiesta team went to Gateway and ate dinner at the Pancake House. We went to UCC Morato after and..

Sunday – It’s Arbet’s birthday! We greeted him a happy, happy birthday in person and via Plurk πŸ˜€ I did discover a lot of trivias about the Plurkfiesta regulars. I always look forward to Saturday or Sunday Plurkfiesta just simply because kuwan.. basta alam niyo na yun at nagpapasalamat ako πŸ™‚

Monday – I received a call from my mom and she gave me some updates about my brother Carlo. She revealed something about my brother that made me really laugh out loud πŸ˜› Also, I installed some cute themes for my upcoming blog. Yep, i have another one to be launched soon.

Tuesday – The Belo Bloggers Videoke Night with Doc Hayden at Centerstage! Weeee.. I managed to sing, dance, take pictures, mingle and have fun despite my sickness. (I will write a longer entry about this soon – exciting ito!)

Wednesday – I attended the Philippine Fashion Week. It’s my second time to watch a fashion show (the first one is actually a lingerie show hehe) and wow, i really love the designs of Frederick Peralta! No wonder he managed to stay on top for the past twenty five years. Seeing Doc Hayden in the runway as a model made me really smile. He used to really do that professionally when he was 19 years old also for Frederick Peralta and yes, seeing Assunta de Rossi for the first time is woah LOLZ

Ok, I need to logoff now. I need to prepare my stuff and take a short nap. Wish me luck! πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “8 Days of Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy

  1. samjuan

    Hi Mica!
    Ang astig at anghappyhappyhappy joyjoychickenjoy ng week mo. ramdam na ramdam ko hanggang dito! hehe.
    godbless to you and carlo

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Jehzlau – Actually, majority dyan stressed ako. Puro happy thoughts na lang hehe

    @Jen – Oo nga eh hehe πŸ™‚ ang saya nun though meron akong nakalimutang iabot haha

  3. edelweiza

    first to time to try dagupeΓ±a resto this year during an office outing.loved the place and the dishes! πŸ™‚


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