Welcome to MICAMYX.COM! – A New Beginning

Welcome to MICAMYX.COM!

Yupyup! After months of planning and wanting to get my own domain, I haz it now! πŸ™‚

I was still in college when I started blogging at Micamyx.i.pH. It was in the blog where I posted my daily rants about life, school, showbiz, politics, fun, love, family, photos and all that. I was a just a simple student who wanted to graduate from school ASAP.

I am now based here in Manila and I am working as a Web Marketing Specialist somewhere in Makati. A corporate slave at day, a fun-loving girl at night.

I met a number of cool individuals in the blogosphere in the past months when I attended a number of events. That kind of pushed me to get my own domain and start anew.

I am really happy right now weee I’m also planning to launch two blogs soon. I want this blog to be really personal so there. Welcome to my new home! πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Welcome to MICAMYX.COM! – A New Beginning

  1. Jap

    Ei mica! Good to hear my dot com ka na! wahahhah! sana ung binabalikbalikan mo dito sa pangasinan matapos mo na din! wehehheheh! :))

  2. Tom

    Hi Mica. Congratulations on your new blog and advance congratulations on your next two blogs. See you at the party next week.


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