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Taympers Muna!

A lot of exciting stuff happened to me the past few weeks. I met Anne Curtis at the HBC Baranggay Makeover event, I learned more about the benefits of Malunggay, I’ve seen the indie film Dose (which is not really as disturbing as we expected it to be), my father’s 5th year death anniversary, bought a ceramic piggy bank, ate talangkanin at Kaya Restaurant with the grannies, new assignments at work, attended the kadakwento premiere, discovered a very nice japanese restaurant near my place, went out with old friends, recorded boredom videos at Facebook, attended the Cinemalaya Cinco premiere and invested on a worthwhile project out of my earnings. Whew!

As much as I would like to blog about everything, I can’t do it for now (but I will – just give me enough time teehee). I am looking forward to the weekend because I’m about to pursue another passion of mine and that is filmmaking πŸ™‚

I need a break just like the little kids who play pinoy games such as ‘Patintero’ or ‘Langit-Lupa’, TAYMPERS MUNA!

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