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Persian/Filipina Sepideh Vaziri in Idol 2008 (Swedish Version)

Before I left Dagupan to work here in Manila, I met up with my college friend Dana for a small chat over coffee. We were talking about her bestfriend named Sep, who is based in Sweden. She told me that she’s kinda disappointed with her friend’s decision to postpone her trip here in the Philippines because she luckily got in the first round of auditions in Swedish Idol. I can say that Dana loves her friend so much and they constantly keep in touch through emails, chats and expensive phone calls hehe 🙂 I remember her stories years ago about their trip to Hundred Islands. They even have plans of visiting the Belo Medical Group to avail some of it’s services.

Just last week, I read Dana’s post at Multiply that Sep, popularly known now in Sweden as SEPIDEH VAZIRI got in the Top 16 of Idol 2008.

Just this morning, Dana sent me a text message telling me that Sep is finally one of the Top 11 finalists!

(Random facts, pictures and videos after the jump)

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