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My SMART LTE Testing Experience in Boracay

When I stayed in England for three months, I can say that I was pampered with fast internet connection. It is the main reason why my homesickness was cured. Most of my Filipino friends were able to watch their favorite teleseryes online and they usually have this habit of  doing live video streamings or webcam sessions with relatives and loved ones. I can also upload photos and videos in just a snap no matter how large my files are.

My Dream Workstation - Uploading and Downloading files while relaxing in Boracay (Photo by Nina Fuentes)

Last Saturday, I was invited to participate at the SMART LTE Testing in Boracay together with bloggers Fritz, Nina and Winston. I am a subscriber of Smart for more than five years and being one of the first one to try this new fourth-generation (4G) network. Some blogger friends of mine were able to attend in the first and second leg of the SMART LTE testing and all of them were claiming that it is the fastest internet connection they ever experienced in the Philippines. Hmmm… time for me to test and see. Before the trip, I already envisioned a great day – Doing my online tasks with a more reliable internet connection and speed as I enjoy the fantastic view of Boracay. 🙂

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