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Case of the Missing Scarf

I remember clearly when this photo was taken. Behind me is a mystery man whom I’ve been following online since last year. We met in person during my first night in Siem Reap and I am still in awe up to this day that I finally met him. No, I am not in love with this person in a romantic way. I just felt like I found a big brother in him and he’s been giving me tips about traveling, blogging and life. He’s the man!

With the Mystery Man one morning at Siem Reap River

We were at the wet market of Siem Reap with a friend minutes before this photo was taken. I was scheduled to take the 8AM bus ride (Siem Reap-Bangkok) and I booked my ticket a night before. I wanted to go to the wet market to see a certain rare find there, but we failed to see it. We decided to just walk ’till we reach the Siem Reap River and to our guesthouse.

To cut the intro short, I ended up not taking the bus trip even if I made it just on time. I am aware that I just wasted $10, but I know that I will gain more knowledge and memories once I extend my stay for two more nights.

The mystery man handed me a scarf a night before my actual departure from Siem Reap. He told me that I can use the scarf on my upcoming trips. I am touched with this simple gesture. Ang sweet lang hehe.

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