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Resorts World Manila’s Red Carpet Event for Bloggers

Last June 18, a number of bloggers were invited by Mr. Jonas Diego for the orientation of the Casino Royale Blogger’s Red Carpet Night at Resorts World Manila. To be honest, we were all overwhelmed with the hospitality of the staff an crew of the 6-star hotel. I am with the second batch and i got excited upon seeing the sample of the room and the entertainment area. Also, seeing the staff and crew behind us (I think there were 25 staff all in all. Pwedeng 1 is to 1 sa service LOL) made us feel special. Aw πŸ˜€

Resorts World Manila - Roulette

Resorts World Manila – Roulette

Fast forward to June 26, 2009. Since I was upset with the Death of Michael Jackson and i’m a bit moody that morning, I decided not to attend the special night. Later on, my blogger friends were texting me and they were forcing me to go so I went πŸ˜€

Rizal and the rest of her angels picked us up at Starbucks 6750 with the other bloggers near Makati area. I got pretty excited upon seeing the other bloggers dressed in their formal attire. Seeing the male bloggers on their suit is just cute teehee πŸ˜€ After the soft launch at the lobby, we were all invited to go to the second floor and play at the Entertainment room.

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