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Staying at Jupiter Suites Makati

The last Saturday of January was pretty tiring yet fulfilling day on my part. Let’s just say that I am working on a very serious project that day. My team and I had to go to San Juan, then to Makati then back to San Juan again. The traffic jam added to the stress and worries of each and every one of us. I’m just lucky that all the crew members were dedicated to their temporary roles that day.

Tired but Happy at Jupiter Suites Makati

Tired but Happy at Jupiter Suites Makati

At around 4pm, we found ourselves working at Jupiter Suites Makati. It is one of the most-recommended budget hotels in Makati by the bloggers. It is located at the corner of Makati Avenue and Jupiter Suites. We checked the rates of Jupiter Suites and it really suits those who wants to go and stay in Makati without spending too much money.

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