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Don’t wait any longer, do it today

I am here in Dagupan right now using the offsets I collected from work. I am not here mainly for a fun vacation. I am here because I have to finish a task that I shouldv’t finished a year ago.

As I listen to Sandwich’s Procrastinator song, I suddenly want to blame myself for being lazy.

Yes, despite the fact that a lot of people are saying that I am a workaholic, I am still lazy. The stupidiest thing there is I am lazy doing the most important stuff and my future relies on it.

In a short span of one year, I was able to get a home-based job as a Virtual Assistant and as a Problogger for a blogging network. I also took a short course for Basic Scriptwriting last summer and finished two scripts. I attended a number of blog events and launched a few blogs that I can call my own. I got the job that I wanted in Makati and I really enjoy the works.

But then again, this one thing that I have to accomplish is taking me oh-so-long to finish. Bakit nga ba?

I don’t really know why, actually. Everytime I look at the notes and the papers, the lazy girl in me brings back to life. Lack of interest? Maybe. Lack of determination? I think so. 

But anyhoo, I have to do this NOW. I have to.. I just have to..

So that I can write more scripts.

So that I can shoot my first short film.

So that I can updated and monetize my blogs.

So that I can work at the office without worrying much.

So that I can finally achieve freedom.

I shouldn’t be blogging right now, right? But why am I updating this blog?