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In Nomine Matris (In The Name of The Mother): On Flamenco and Struggles of Women

“Dance is like a song. You have to mean every word and let it flow.” – Enrique Lagdameo, In Nomine Matris

More than two years ago, I received an invitation from Ida Tiongson to watch a Flamenco show in Makati. I haven’t seen a live Flamenco presentation before that’s why I immediately said yes. Let’s just say that I went home with big appreciation to those who are passionate in doing what they love to do. Let’s admit it: Only a few can dance Flamenco today and the chance to watch a show is quite rare nowadays.

In The Name of the Mother: Ava and Mara expressing their emotions through Flamenco

When I heard that Will Fredo is scheduled to make a film about Flamenco dancers, I find his vision to be ‘too ambitious’. Making a full-length movie takes too much effort and hardwork, but with a good support system and talented people, a dream project is doable.

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