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The Soothing Music of Mike Francis

LITTLE TRIVIA:  When I asked my Dad and Mom where my name (Micaela Fransesca) came from, they mentioned that Italian pianist/songwriter Mike Francis influenced them. There is another version about naming me after two relatives. Whatever the real reason is, I am happy with my name.

Mike Francis, one of Italy's best artist of all time

My Father used to work as a Radio DJ in various radio stations in Dagupan, Baguio and even as far as Puerto Princesa. I am lucky to be his assistant while he’s on duty. I remember him teaching me how to take good care of phonograph record disks. It is arranged according to record labels as these companies send out samples for the radio shows to play. He used to have this memo notepad where he writes his playlist then arranges it manually on his shift. I can say that his workmates loved it when I’m around since they ask me the most awkward questions and I answer them with no hesitations. Being friends with his female fans is quite a learning experience for me. Hmmm… now i am thinking of writing a series about my experience as a Radio DJ’s sidekick 😀

Anyway, my dad is a collector of cassette tapes and I think he collected more than 300 albums. It is already our afternoon hobby to just stay at home, cook food and play loud music. From the Beatles to Michael Jackson to Rolling Stones to CARS to Heart to Jon Secada to Bob Marley and KISS – almost every genre! We used to record some of his shows in a blank tape and now I regret re-using it to record pop songs. Now I don’t have a physical cassette tape with his voice on it 🙁

One of the artists we’d love to hear at home on Family weekends is of course, Mike Francis. The Italian artist passed away two years ago, but his music truly lives on. Here are some of my favorite Mike Francis songs.

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