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The Lovely Transition of Lovi Poe

I admit it. I didn’t like her when i first saw her on TV. I even raised my left eyebrow when I found out that she’ll be launched as a singer. PR write ups referring to her often mention that she is the daughter of ‘Da King’ and yes, the advantage of getting instant fame.

Left: Lovi Poe in 2006 for Bakekang; Right: As Serafina in Temptation Island (2011)

All the news programs were interested about her and she was even chosen to play the role of Kristal in the TV version of Bakekang, where she shared the limelight with Yasmien Kurdi as her ugly twin sister Charming and Sunshine Dizon playing the title role.

Ok, maybe the real reason i don’t like her is that she is often spotted with Cogie Domingo that time and they even starred in one Love to Love series LOL. Once upon a time, I was Cogie Domingo’s biggest fan.

For me, this girl lacked charisma. She’s just the daughter of a legendary icon in the Philippines. That’s all she is. That’s all.

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