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The SEAIR-Microtel Boracay Bloggers’ Tour Experience Day Two

If you’re thinking that our first day in Boracay is the busiest day, better think again.

I woke up at 9PM alone in the room. I blame the cozy room of Microtel Boracay for giving me a cozy sleep which lasted for hours. Most of the bloggers and staff went to the Church to attend the early mass. I asked for my breakfast coupon and ate  breakfast alone.


Lunch at Fish Bar Boracay

By 10:30AM, the Microtel Shuttle sent us to ‘D Mall for our lunch at Fish Bar. I like the simplicity of the restaurant. If i’m not mistaken, they are best known for their Fish & Chips. They offered different types of dishes. With good food and relaxing venue, we were able to know each other in a more personal level and even exchanged ideas about blogging (specifically on making money online teehee).

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