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On Airports, Departures and Arrivals

The Airport is such a busy place. Everyone is roaming around with their luggages and you will literally see people from different walks of life patiently waiting in line to put their bags on the check-in area. Most backpackers prefer the hand-carry option by bringing less clothes and stuff in order to save some money. They have different reasons on why they’re here: Majority flies to go on a vacation, some have work-related tasks to do while there are those who are eager to go home.


I consider the airport as one of my favorite hangout place no matter how big or small it is. For my domestic travels, I usually go two hours before my departure date, while I go to the check-in area three hours prior to the scheduled flight if i am going out of the country. It is really nice to compare flights beforehand in order to get cheaper plane tickets. You can still use your extra money to buy some snacks while waiting.

It is already a habit of mine to observe the passengers at the departure area especially if i am traveling alone. My laptop is useless when I can’t find an outlet so I tend to just sit in the corner and wait. I remember on my first solo moment at NAIA 1. I met a married couple already in their 50’s who are excited to visit their daughter in Dubai. They were excited and looking forward to their unica hija’s treat as she promised that they will shop ’till they drop.

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