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On Cinemalaya, Gala Night Tech Glitches and REquieme-rloos

For four straight years, I’ve been supporting the Cinemalaya Film Festival. I’ve read articles about it when I was still based in Pangasinan and hoped that one day, I’d be able to catch the screening at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Being in the province with only limited number of movies to choose from made it hard for me. Yes, there’s a good number of pirated DVDs being sold there, but nothing beats the experience of watching a film in a movie house. These are made for the big screen anyway.

Loy Arcenas introduces the cast and crew of REquieme!

I have to admit that it is a dream of mine that one day, I’d come up the stage and introduce my film to the moviegoers. Present my cast members, my crew and all that. I would also love to attend the awards night and if deserving, be recognized with the hard work I’ve done.

But while that dream of mine is still on-hold, I am happy that Loy Arcenas finally introduced his sophomore film entitled REquieme!. With the realistic screenplay by Rody Vera and good direction of Loy Arcenas, it is already expected that this film will be a riot!

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