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This is My December

December is the month when Jesus Christ was born. December is the month where students get their much needed break from school. December is the month of the year where are lot of people give and receive gifts and praises. December is the month where blah blah eklavu chenes chenes 😀


As I type this entry, there is a small christmas tree infront of me. I remember when I was a little girl, I was fascinated with Christmas lights and Christmas trees. My parents would laugh at me whenever we pass by the streets of Manila and I say “Wow! Ilaw Ilaw!” to show my appreciation with the colorful christmas lights. I used to demand that I’ll be the one to put the big star at the top of the Christmas tree no matter how tall it is.

As years passed by, the christmas tree in our house got smaller and smaller. Why? Hmmm… the big, old christmas tree was broken due to the typhoon way back in 1998 so there. We managed to buy and maintain a smaller one.


Did your parents also fooled you about Santa Clause? Well, I belong to the group! I just can’t help but laugh whenever I remember for how long I did believe that the fat man with red costume existed in real life. 

I only found out that the real Santa Clause is lolo when I was 10 years old – Yes, TEN YEARS OLD! Who told me about it? My yaya.

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