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The Rizal Park 2010 Realization

‘When was the last time you went to Luneta Park?’ i asked myself moments before Bryan Karl, Jerome and I headed to the National Park of the Philippines after our Ocean Park trip. I can’t really remember the exact date, but i think it is sometime in 1995 or 1996. I insisted of going there because i saw it at our Sibika at Kultura textbook. As a fan of Jose Rizal’s greatness, the Little Mica got what she requested.

Flag Pole

Saan na tayo tutungo n'yan?

During our short trip to Luneta Park at the first weekend of October 2010, my mind was a bit messed up. I wasn’t even sure if we were already in Luneta not until I saw Dr. Jose Rizal’s statue, where the guards are standing there with pokerface. Too bad we weren’t allowed to take a closer picture with them. We’ll cause too much distraction, i bet.
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