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How to set a budget (and stick with it)

As a fully functioning adult who is trying to get her life together, I adopt practices that would help make my life easier. Among these are ways to be financially stable.

We have to take care of our financial health the same way we take care of our mental, emotional, physical health, among others. One way to do so is by budgeting and sticking with your budget but you can also incorporate trading shares to fatten your bank account.

YOLO responsibly 😛 (from BTS’ ‘Go Go’ Halloween Dance Practice video)

Although I have struggled at times, I am lucky to be surrounded by friends who have taught me over the years their best practices. In addition to the tips here, you can also try the tactics mentioned on blogs like the Immediate evex review.

So here are the tips I compiled from my financially secure friends. Read and learn!

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