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Newbie Alert: Hip Hop group BTS debuts with ‘No More Dream’!

Big Hit Entertainment officially launches BTS, the newest Hip Hop group from South Korea. With 7 members, these newbies sing, write and produce their own songs. They are also working hard on their future performances and promises to show slick choreography with their heart-stopping dance routines!

BTS debuts with ‘No More Dream’: Meet J-Hope, Jungkook, V, RM, Jimin, Jin and Suga

Here’s the official music video of the first single of BTS entitled ‘No More Dream‘:

Wow, these rookies aren’t here to play around! They’re here to shock and they’re here to stay! It seems like they aim not only to conquer South Korea or Asia – they want to conquer the world!

BTS working hard for their debut because they want big house, big cars and big rings.

7 idols, 7 personalities. I heard that some of them were hired due to their rapping skills and are known in the underground world while one is a break dancer. One was discovered in an audition for a talent show. There’s a scholar from a contemporary dance school. I think the one who was approached because of his worldwide handsome face while he is leaving the bus will be my favorite and the one who was dreaming of becoming a saxophonist will be my bias wrecker.

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