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Win an iPad in Enjoy Philippines’ 1 Minute Fun Flick Fest!

During the Digital Filipino Christmas Party last year, one of the prizes that was given away is a travel booklet coming from a then new site EnjoyTheBest.PH. If I’m not mistaken, the lucky member who got the prize belongs to our table. I saw the booklet and my, I simply envy the winner because of the discounts and other perks offered by EnjoyTheBest!


I was invited by a friend to view the fanpage of Enjoy Philippines and how I love the posted details at their wall! I found out that there is an ongoing contest entitled 1 Minute Fun Flick Fest.

Personally, I enjoy traveling especially within the country. It is really nice to go around and explore the Philippines. I also enjoy dancing and making movies.

Basically, all one has to do is to upload a video with a duration of 30 – 60 seconds telling what they enjoy doing. The participants should start the video with “I Enjoy….”.

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