The 30-Day BTS Song Challenge (Part 1 of 3)

Discovering and falling in love with the boys of BTS is the best thing that happened to me this challenging year of 2020. Well, I heard about BTS and I even saw their breakthrough music video before plus their song are played everywhere, but I never really immersed in their music and fandom not ’till that Carpool Karaoke episode with James Corden. During that time, I was so into The Beatles especially George Harrison. I will forever be a fan of The Beatles, but probably welcoming the BTS in the mix is a good idea.

Last month, I came across the ’30-Day BTS Song Challenge’ where BTS Army (name of the fandom) share their favorite BTS songs or which specific tracks trigger certain emotions or memory. Check my original Twitter thread (changed some songs last minute)

30-Day BTS Song Challenge (credits to @134340child)

Since I have no internet connection as I type this, let me elaborate why I chose these specific tracks. Are you ready for an adventure?

Day 1: A Song You Think Should Be Listened to More: Spring Day

Spring Day is considered as the ‘timeless’ hit song of BTS in Korea. In fact, this song is still in the charts up to this day (the song was released as a single three years ago!). Despite that victorious reign in the charts, I just feel that the international fans (especially newbies like me) will find comfort and solace in this simple yet moving song.

The music video triggers longing feelings in a good way. You can’t help but look back at the happy times with that person you miss the most.

Day 2: A song That Makes You Cry: Awake by BTS Jin

This song is quite familiar though I cannot really pinpoint why. Probably I’ve heard it in the coffee shop I used to visit or maybe I heard it on the radio without realizing it is from BTS. Honestly, I was surprised that Jin is the soloist behind this lovely ballad. He often shows his goofy side in interviews and performances, but in reality, he is the most hardworking member of the group. Why hardworking? He was discovered while he was on his way to the university – the classic ‘scouting’ story.

He was a university student who had no background in singing or dancing. He had to train hard to be a ‘deserving’ member of BTS. I can relate to his sentiments in this song. You know, that feeling of always being ‘not good enough’ or being ‘the second best’ in certain things you’re passionate about.

Wide awake, wide awake, wide awake don’t cry’ he sings. Kim Seokjin is a living proof that hardwork and dedication pays off. I just love this guy so much!

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Top 5 Lee Min Ho Dramas to Watch While on Quarantine

The reigning king of Korean dramas is back! Lee Min Ho finished his mandatory military service last year as a public service worker (since he was unfit for combat duties) and now returns with a new drama called The King: Eternal Monarch.

Now that our Oppa is back, and because we can’t seriously start binge-watching The King yet (I have no self-control and I honestly could not wait for episodes to be uploaded), here are some of the top series Min Ho starred in. These series are the reasons why we began to love him. You can see from his work the versatility in his roles, the depth of his acting and his never ending charms.


We all can say that Boys Over Flowers is the break out role of Lee Min Ho. He plays the character of Gu Jun Pyo – a cocky, spoiled chaebol who reigns the school together with his group of chaebol friends. He bullies Geum Jan Di – a bright, hardworking girl from a poor family. In the twists and turns of events, he began to fall in love with Jan Di and they as a couple had to go through hardships because of their different social status.

Lee Min ho with curly hair is such a refreshing picture. Of course this drama was aired in 2009 and he was still in his early 20s. But you can see that he already has the talent to become the lead actor in such a huge drama.

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Top 5 Hyun Bin Series to Watch While on Quarantine

How do you describe fine wine in two words? Hyun Bin. Or you could say Hyun Bin is a fine wine. I wouldn’t mind. As one of South Korea’s top actor, Hyun Bin manages to reinvent himself every other project. Seems like the more work he has done, the better he gets. Not only that, his works show how versatile of an actor he is. From playing a chaebol, to an engineering genius, to a sweet and cute lover, Hyun Bin displays his skills perfectly.

Hyun Bin in Crash Landing on You, My Lovely Sam Soon and Memories of the Alhambra

Just recently, Hyun Bin captured the interest of televiewers due to the release of ‘Crash Landing On You’. Now, fans from the past relive their love for him and he continues to capture the hearts of new KDrama lovers especially now that we’re all in isolation.

If you are as addicted to him like I am, here are the top 5 series I would recommend that is definitely worth the watch!

1. My Lovely Sam Soon (2005)

My Lovely Sam Soon

Even before the older lady younger kid type of drama became popular (Romance is a Bonus Book, Something in the Rain, to name a few), My Lovely Sam Soon has already started the rather nontraditional, out of template plot that is honestly refreshing. Not only the lady protagonist, Sam Soon, is “overweight”, and not your typical oh-so-pretty-helpless leading lady, she is sort of the anti-thesis to the traditional female lead that you would expect to see.

In this drama, Hyun Bin became a household name for his first male lead role in a drama. Although he was so young in this drama (it aired in 2005), you can already see the potential he has in terms of his acting ability and his presence in the screen.

2. Secret Garden (2010-2011)

Secret Garden starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won

Perhaps Secret Garden is what cemented Hyun Bin’s name as one of the most versatile actors in South Korea. For this drama, he won the Grand Prize award at the 47th Paeksang Arts Awards. In this romance-fantasy drama, two people exchanged souls every time rain comes – the male protagonist, as played by Hyun Bin, founds himself trapped in a woman’s body – played by Ha Ji Won.

What enticed me to watch this drama and actually love it is that there is a really good chemistry between the two lead actors, and there is a huge character development from the two. Over all, I say, you should definitely watch this.

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