Rupaul’s All Stars Drag Race: For the Love of RuJubee

I am currently watching the 5th episode of Rupaul’s All Stars Drag Race. I know that my favorite queen Manila Luzon together with her teammate Latrice Royale got The Chop during the third episode, but I’ve also grown an admiration to the other queens specifically with Raven and Jujubee.

Jujubee and Raven at the 5th episode of Rupaul’s All Stars Drag Race

Also known as RuJubee, this tandem were runner-ups on the second season of the show. Raven is one fierce drag queen who known for being dark, outspoken and sensual. Jujubee is a good representation of Asians who treats everything lightly and utters the juiciest statements. I haven’t seen all the episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 2, but the two earned a lot of fans. Eventually, the two became professors at Rupaul’s Drag U (Season 1 to 3). I saw their episode with Manila Luzon, where they assigned to do a drag makeover to the special girls in their lives. I love how they throw lines against each other. They don’t sound annoying. The audience found it cute!

When Raven and Jujubee chose each other as teammates for the All Stars season, their tandem became a fan favorite. I think the foundation of their friendship is the main reason why they manage to surpass the challenges. It is quite heartbreaking that Jujubee’s lip sync against Manila Luzon had to happen as these two fierce teams eventually became close. I told myself that I not watch the show, but nah. I can’t resist the charm of RuJubee! Also, Latrila released the sickening music video for The Chop and I watch that video at least once a day.

There are four ladies competing on the show: Team Shad (Shannel and Chad Michaels) and Team RuJubee (Raven and Jujubee). The first team is known for being creative and ‘perfect’, while Raven and Jujubee are known for their fierce but lovable personalities. For the final challenge, they were asked to present an original comic-inspired story. The bottom team will need to lip sync against each other. Shannel and Chad Michaels are friends for almost fifteen years, while Raven and Jujubee consider each other as best friends. Unfortunately, Raven and Jujubee had to lip sync for their life and it was heartbreaking. It is the second episode of RASDR that made me cry and it is hard to compete with a dear friend. Oh well. No matter how tight your friendship is, you are both still in a competition.


The two had to lipsync Robyn’s ‘Dancing on my Own’. Both were emotional and they kept on hugging each other. What a tough presentation to watch!

Rupaul and the rest of the judges had a hard time too since Raven and Jujubee are both good lipsyncers. I’m glad that in the end, they didn’t eliminate any of the queens. Instead, they’re asking the viewers to help them decide by voting via Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Chad Michaels, Shannel, Raven and Jujubee are all fantastic queens. I will surely vote for Manila Luzon if she’s still in the competition, but she got The Chop. I love Raven and Jujubee too but this time, I am voting for Jujubee.


2 thoughts on “Rupaul’s All Stars Drag Race: For the Love of RuJubee

  1. Tom @ Waegook Tom

    Rujubee! Juju has been one of my favourite queens across all seasons – and she’s following me on Twitter, oh yeah! Manila and Willam are my other two favourites, but I’d be happy with any of the top 4 winning. It was a travesty when Manila and Latrice went home…honestly I felt like Latrice brought Manila down a couple of times, I don’t like the team format at ALL.

    On the other hand, what do you think of the queens for season 5?!? They look AMAZING and the looks are so much fiercer than season 4, which I found to be a bit weak (Latrice, PhiPhi and Dida top 5? they wouldn’t have made it halfway on seasons 2 and 3).

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Tom – I envy you! I’m hoping Jujubee will follow me on Twitter soon too but we had several tweet conversations 😀 Actually, I agree with you on the Latrila part. Manila did well as Madonna and even on the challenge at the third episode. Oh well. At least ‘The Chop’ did well hehe although i think Latrila could’ve done better in the girl group challenge.

    I love the diversity of Season 5’s new queens! I think among all of them, Detox and Alaska are the most popular as of now. I am curious on how Detox is behind the scenes. His works with Willam and Vicky Fox are awesome and Alaska needs to prove that he’s more than just Sharon Needles’ boyfie. I am also curious to know more about Vivienne Pinay (I’m biased haha), Jinkx Monsoon and Ivy Winters. I heard that Ivy Winters does some of Manila’s outrageous outfits. It would be interesting to watch her win. I think she’s one of the underdogs.

    I am halfway through Season 4. If not for the disqualification, I think Willam could have been on the Top 3 or yeah, the winner. I just love her style lol reminds me of Jessica and Paris =))


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