Downloading Memories and Letting Go

It all started with Friendster. I remember I was in first year high school when my cousin Gabriel asked me to sign up for a Friendster account so I can give him a ‘testimonial’. At our young age, we were already addicted to the internet. I spent hours browsing forums and Yahoo Groups to exchange views with some friends, who are either fans of the Spice Girls, Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera.

It all started with Friendster. Don’t forget to post a testimonial, k?

Our classmates signed up personal accounts on Friendster as time goes by. We used it to post testimonials (a.k.a. pampalakas ng self-confidence) and exchange pictures. It was also through this site that I met some cool people, who eventually became my friends outside the cyberworld. It was the first website to give us the opportunity to get in touch with our friends and relatives. I loved the simplicity of Friendster’s first layout. For me, the testimonial part is their biggest asset. I guess they were threatened with MySpace since that social network site kept on upgrading its features. You can post all glittery things on each other’s wall, embed music and videos, create groups and many, many more. I seriously got disappointed when Friendster decided to let go of the ‘clean and simple’. They even deleted the ‘Testimonial’ feature and converted it to ‘Comments’. I dunno, but Testimonial sounds more appealing to me!

Friendster Circa 2012

Two years ago, Friendster was transformed into a gaming site. I never imagined that Friendster’s social networking features will shut down. Friendster is considered as a pioneer of Social Media and at the same time influenced a lot of programmers to create more sites similar to it.

No more I.PH. It’s the kitty’s fault.

Earlier this year, i.PH permanently said goodbye to the blogosphere. I started blogging in another blogging platform, but it was in i.PH where I began sharing my views publicly. My i.PH days were colorful in the sense that I became aware of income opportunities from blogging (I remember how enthusiastic I was when I received my first check lol) and that the Philippine Blogging Community is big. I met some bloggers whom I consider as mentors and close friends up to this day. I bought my own domain in 2008 leaving my i.PH blog behind. I’m glad that I saw the warning e-mail and I managed to download a back-up of my old blog.

Last look at my Multiply account.

I am currently downloading thousands of photos from my Multiply account. Apparently, Multiply Philippines will delete all accounts next month (in short, tomorrow) and will focus on becoming the biggest marketplace online. My Multiply account served as my photo storage and I uploaded a lot of good (and uhmm bad? LOL) pictures there. Damn. I’m about to say goodbye to another important social media site! For a time, I used Multiply as my photo storage (especially from 2006-2009) and I also have some important blog entries there. Right now, I am downloading files via Download Master and four hours have passed yet I’m not yet done T_T

Right now, I kind of regret not printing some important pictures. I want to save all the photo files. I didn’t own a computer way back in college so I used multiply as my virtual cabinet. Huhu. Please be good, Multiply.

Friendster, i.PH and Multiply were like my bestfriends. Letting go of these accounts hurts. Oh well. Better download these important memories before its too late. I cry nao. I’m sleepy.


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  1. dlysen

    Letting go… its hard to let go of the things you love to use but sometimes we can’t avoid it. I’ll be just grateful to experience them. cheers.


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