The Lost Planner

Don’t you just hate it when all of a sudden, that single planner where you faithfully write all your memorable whereabouts and schedules disappear? Whether it is misplaced or stolen, loosing such item can be a pain in the mind and heart.

Kindly remind me - what happened in January again?

Imagine how heartbroken I was when I found out that my planner for this year is nowhere to be found. Last year, Thunderbird Resorts gave me their Limited Edition Black Planner as a Christmas present. I brought it with me to United Kingdom where I spent the first three months of 2011. I wrote everything there – my trips (with date and expenses), my thoughts (the weather in the UK can be very depressing at times), my realizations and all that important details on being reunited with my family. I rarely blog during those times so I wrote them all in my planner.

It is my habit to stay in my favorite coffeeshop. In fact, some of my friends would go here (yes, i’m here right now) and ask the staff and crew if i passed by the area. I can say that I am a loyal customer of this place and I am friends with almost all of the employees.

Unfortunately, I left my planner a day before my Davao- General Santos trip. One of the staff members found my planner and kept it. I didn’t visit for more than a week since I am out of the city, but I assure you that I wrote my particulars at the first page of the planner.

When I went back two weeks ago to eat my favorite dessert and mocha drink, one of the staff approached me and reminded me that I left my planner here. All the while I thought I misplaced it in Davao or somewhere else… or maybe I misplaced it at home. I dunno. I am a disorganized person LOL. The kind staff told me that another person found it and it is kept in a protected drawer. I told him I’ll go back the next day.

I went back for two consecutive days, but they failed to give back the planner to me. I started to wonder since hello, kulang na lang dito ako mag-opisina. Every other day ako nandito. Why not assign another staff to give back the planner to me?

Right after attending a friend’s wake, I went back to the place for the third time with the attempt of claiming my planner. Then I heard the bad news – Na-dispose ang aking planner. Bow.

Yeah, just like that. I couldn’t react much because I was with another blogger friend and I don’t really want to make a scene or anything. They offered to replace my missing planner, but I felt bad instead. They said that it is their SOP to dispose some items that weren’t claimed for more than a week.

But hey, i’m a loyal customer? And my contact details were stated there. They could’ve called me or something. Yes, they can replace the planner with a more expensive one, but what about the details? What about the memories?

I am still here because I love this place and I feel comfortable writing here (see, i am blogging about it now), but I am extremely disappointed. If someone left his/her stuff, the crew must at least make an effort to check if their contact details are written in the item. The funny thing there is they even told me that they saw the first page and scanned some parts of the planner. ‘Yun naman pala eh. Sana tinago man lang at ‘di tinapon ng basta-basta πŸ™

Ok, i might sound like a crybaby here. You can replace the planner, but memories and details don’t. Now tell me – how can i retrieve that nine months worth of entries? Walang back-up. Amf.

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5 thoughts on “The Lost Planner

  1. Hannah

    What?!?!?! I feel for you dear! especially pag may contact details on that first page! and it can’t be replaced kse it’s very personal. I have my past journals with me and minsan nakakatuwa yong mga sinulat ko… naku

  2. Ada

    I’m disappointed with KK staff. They gave you false hope believing that it’s in safe place, only to find out it was disposed after you keep coming back, 😐

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @Hannah – Oo nga eh πŸ™ they even scanned some parts of it kaya imposibleng hindi nila nakita yung contact details. Tinanong ko nga saan tinapon baka pwede pa kalkalin πŸ™

    @Ada – Lol you mentioned it na but yeah, pinaasa lang πŸ™

  4. pusangkalye

    ay—hinala ko nga me kumuha.naku–me stalker ka.big time!!!!lols. sayang.ang ganda ng planner na yan. I am maximizing mine!!!sana marecover mo pa.ang mga contact info, nagkalat na–sana walang bank info don.awts.

    thanks for using me photo ha. labyu talaga Mica!!!:D


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